October wedding in a Vineyard 2019



  • Amazing news about the lights, they are so gorgeous! 
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    Amazing! I am having my wedding at Denbies too this summer!

    Unfortunately the lights aren't included but we are putting up fairy lights around the room with lots of candles instead... hopefully it would still look nice. 

    I went with Flowers by Elaine for my flowers. We aren't having a lot of flowers but my quote came out to £380.00! It may be worth asking for a quote from them too if you haven't found a florist!
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    Oh wow!! When is your wedding there?
    We went to see Dawn this weekend, she us just so lovely! Booked our menu tasting for April, have you had yours yet? 
  • Cazz13Cazz13 Posts: 67 New bride
    Awww yes, Dawn is amazing!

    I have my tasting booked for the beginning of March! 

    My wedding is in the beginning of September in Denbies. It was slightly more expensive unfortunately since it's in the peak season, but September is a special month for us so we went ahead with it :) 
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    The lights look gorgeous! So lucky that they are included!!
  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 159 New bride
    Cazz13 said:
    Awww yes, Dawn is amazing!

    I have my tasting booked for the beginning of March! 

    My wedding is in the beginning of September in Denbies. It was slightly more expensive unfortunately since it's in the peak season, but September is a special month for us so we went ahead with it :) 
    The menu looks amazing, I'm struggling to pick which to taste 😁
    We originally wanted September or June but just couldn't justify the extra cost, so we have everything crossed for nice autumnal weather. 

    Today I booked a pianist to play during the wedding breakfast. I've wanted one since we went to a wedding fair but had put it on the shelf to keep in budget. But now we've saved the drapes money I'm having it! 
    As a surprise for Mr Mc I've asked him if he will be able to play the star wars theme for us to enter too, and he said no problem!! I just need to find an arrangement I like and send it over. FH is going to be giddy!!
  • The the lights look so beautiful what a gorgeous venue! 
  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 159 New bride

    Today we booked our florist!!
    A bit like the cake we spoke to a few different florists, but I just couldn't decide on one. (FH found it easy to pick one....the cheapest!!)
    We have a large garden centre near us that has a lovely florist in. The flowers are always lovely, and good value for money.
    So Saturday we went to talk about our wedding flowers.
    I didn't want something that everyone else has. My favourite flowers are gerberas, and Roses were firmly on the no list.
    As the girls are wearing navy blue we were looking for hot pink flowers.
    This picture is what sold it for me. We're going to have these on the tables. I was originally going to have bottles I was going to paint gold but these were only £10 more and my Mum kept insisting we needed tall flowers because of the space.

    I'm very excited about my gerbera trees!!! They're going to have some thistles in for MrMc too. 
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    It's all been a bit quiet here on the wedding front.....busy trying to find a new job!!

    But have just started thinking about the invitations, FH's sister is designing them as she did the Save the Dates. As we're having some Star Wars elements at the reception we've asked her to do flowers in the shape of the Star Wars rebel logo for the front cover. 

    But I'm a bit stuck as to what information to include other than the basic, times places RSVP details. 

    Are you including a RSVP card?
    Should I include directions to the reception venue?
    Should I include hotel details ( this is on the wedding website?
    Song request card, I was considering just printing myself to save some money. 
    I've got cards from Prezola for the gift list.

  • So I've just given the all clear for our invites to be printed and this is what we decided on. Our main invite is being printed on the inside of a pocket fold with separate cards tucked in the opposite.

    On the details card, we included our discount code to the hotel we are having the reception at plus 4 other local hotels for people to choose from, information about public transport and taxi companies, information about parking at both the venue and church, our churches rules about confetti and our wedding website and email.
    The next card was directions which my dad kindly wrote alongside a map from the church to the hotel that I made.

    We then had a little poem card asking for people to contribute to our Trailfinders honeymoon then finally a double-sided RSVP card with our address on. 

    Hope that helps!

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,541 New bride
    I just did a double sided invite. No pocketfolds, inserts, RSVP cards. Gave options to RSVP by post, Whatsapp or email. 90% of our replies have come either in person or via email/Whatsapp. The few people who did reply by post just bought an Acceptance/Decline card, and the email replies all came in far quicker!
    We had short paragraphs on:
    Menu choices
    Hotels - short paragraph with link to wedding website for more info
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    Well I've been completely MIA for a couple of months. After being told I was being made redundant all my energy went into finding a new job. I left the old one yesterday and accepted a new one on Friday which I start in two weeks, so I can get back to wedding planning.
    Funny story ,during the interview the director was asking about my wedding cake and I described my colour theme and the person I'll be working for who's getting married 2 months before has almost the same colours 🤣
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,541 New bride
    So glad you found a new job quickly @RoseyGold !!
  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 159 New bride
    MrsCToBee said:
    So glad you found a new job quickly @RoseyGold !!
    Thanks, 😊
  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 159 New bride
    In my first week of unemployment I have lots planned.
    Tomorrow I'm taking my mini bridesmaid and all round bridesmaid fanatic (she's 9!!!) to look for her tiara and jewellery for all the bridesmaids. She is by far the most excited of the 3 so will be really fun.

    Wednesday Mum is coming up and we're going to go to some boutiques to find her outfit....Dad is supplying the credit card. 

    Friday we'll be off to Westfield to look at hair pieces for me. I'm not wearing a veil as they are just not me, and I'm not too sure what I want in my hair so that could be interesting.  As my dress is fully flowery I think that should continue in my hair too, but subtly. 

    Then on Saturday we have our menu tasting. I love food so am really excited about this, I've also heard lots of great things about Denbies food. I'll get photos to post at the weekend. 
  • hey congrats! 
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    Wow, we had our menu tasting on Saturday and the food was amazing!! We chose to try Ham hock terrine, Salmon Nicoise, and goats cheese salad for starters. 
    Pork with calvados, chicken with garlic sauce and red peppers, porcini mushroom ravioli for mains
    Chocolate delice, lemon tart, and apple tart tatin for desert. 
    They were all so tasty but the majority decided on...
    Salmon Nicoise, Pork Fillet with calvados sauce, and apple tart tatin.
    Veggies are having Goats cheese salad, and lemon tart. We did not like the porcini ravioli at all so haven't picked a main course. We're waiting to hear back from the Vineyard on other veggie options. 

    We also had wine to choose, being a Vineyard we had many to choose from!! They gave us 2 of their white wines with the starters, 2 reds with main, a rose in request, and then 3 sparkling with dessert including a rose one. And then they gave use the rest of the bottles to take home!!! Dad who hadn't seen the venue before was highly impressed!

    Here's what the food looked like...

  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 159 New bride
    Mum also found her outfit!! We were recommended a specialist shop and she loved a lot of the outfits but this one was special from the start.
    So that's everyone other than the juniors with their outfits sorted!

  • Food looks amazing! 
  • The food looks fab! As does your mum! Glad shes got an outfit she feels confident in :)
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