Newly Engaged saying Hello!!

Hi there,


I am Clare 29 from Bedfordshire (nearly 30!!) me and my Chris got engaged on May 18th on our 3 year anniversary in Green Park in London, perfect.

We have a gorgeous 10month old called Theodor "Teddy" for short whom is my whole world. I work in wedding industry and Chris is a Chef. We met while both working in the same hotel :)

We have started looking at venues, and think we have whittled it down to two in Essex Gosfield Hall and Hedingham Castle; so if anyone is getting married or was married there be great to hear ay feedback. We are going on 17th July to view both with our parents and bestman.

Date wise we are thinking either Tues 26th May 2020 or Tues 25th May 2021, so the Tues after Bank Hol and during the school holidays as there will be a fair few children attending so thought most people will already be off and we'll giving everyone else loads of notice. Wish we could marry sooner but we are currently saving for a deposit also to buy end of the year-early 2019 and house comes first.

I am torn wheather I should have any BM's as I would have 4 plus 2/3 flowergirls.. and it just seems a huge expense to basically does pay for my mates to dress up, when I have my team who will do all the helping get ready bits and mum etc.. Very tricky this one, am so torn!!


Anyway, I will stop rambling on.


This is us and our little Prince.. hope to get to know you all over the planning process x

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  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 162 New bride

    Congratulations on your engagement!   Teddy is adorable 😊  I'm not near you so can't comment on venues... One thing I would say though as someone who has just done it, don't plan to move house and plan the final stages of a wedding (and finish a master's degree and train for a marathon in my case.. I must be mad😂)  at the same time 😨. It took us far far longer than we thought to get our house sale through and move (although we were selling a house too so slightly different) but we were over a year late moving, meaning an incredible amount of stress for a long time beforehand, unfortunately planning has been a bit of a chore sometimes rather than fun.... So personally I would go 2021 and give yourself loads of leeway for delays!  We've also had to spend a lot of money on the new house here and there, luckily we've had family support for wedding payments! x 

  • Congratulations. Have a great married life!!

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride

    Oh my goodness, super cute baby!

    You weren't on here a few years ago, were you?  (I was.)  There was a lady who did a thread by the same name that also worked in the wedding industry.  Crazy coincidence if not!

  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,341 New bride

    Congrats! Im a Beds 2020 bride if you ever need help or a chat or anything!! 

    Your little one is very cute!

    We didnt end up going far for our venue, we found a lovely barn in Buntingford but we knew we wanted an outdoorsy barn style. 

    Good luck with the house hut, we did it Dec last year and it does drain you, but its worth it when you get those keys!! If you need to vent im about!

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