Wedding in Greece

Hi everyone,

Me and my soon to be wife are looking to book our wedding in Greece. IveI gone through loads and loads of reviews, peoples ideas, tour operators and also wedding companies, I've emailed a few but of course our date is too far away for any real prices. I figured that you people will have the best knowledge of what to do, how to do it, who to speak to and so on. So i have some questions, and for anyone willing to reply i thank you in advance.


Would it be best to arrange the wedding through some sort of provider, or do it ourselves?


What will the price difference be, and is it worth the extra for the wedding provider.


What sort of price can we expect to pay ( would 10k cover it?)


If we do book it ourselves, can we rely on the hotels in Greece to honour our dates?


Finally , is it better to married abroad? We certainly want to, and are happy with the decision, but can anybody see a reason not to?

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