When is too early to start DIY'ing?

Hey guys! I'm newly engaged (June 11th) and I'm planning to get married in November 2020 to allow myself plenty of time to plan and save, and make sure I make the day perfect. I've been watching some DIY videos today and its really made me want to start making a few things such as bouquets. I've already picked colours for the wedding (Navy and gold) and I'm just wondering, When is too soon to start gathering items for the big day? 


  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride

    We're May 2019. I've started gathering some bits, but won't start on the DIY until new year because of storage, and I don't want our two delinquent cats to wreck my efforts.  

    If you start now make sure you have storage space, away from sunlight etc. Maybe do practice runs now to make the finished article nearer the time? 

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  • kitty-kitty- Posts: 121 New bride

    I’m getting Married in 6 weeks and making my own bouquets- I only plan on starting them next week due to storage 

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride

    I wouldn't DIY anything until I had a few of the bigger things sorted, namely venue. You could end up spending a lot of time and money on things that don't fit in with your venue(s) decor, things that aren't allowed at your venue, things that end up not matching, etc. 

    You could also really, really change your mind about your ideas/ theme or even your overall wedding plan. That happens on here a LOT. Then you see brides selling things on here for next to nothing and starting over.

    There was a bride on here about a year ago that spent ages on an amazing pinata; she covered a paper mache ball with tissue paper petals handcut and hand glued on, alternating in two colours.  She designed a logo and made welcome drink-flags with it on, cutting and gluing all these precious little flags to straws. She made all kinds of things with their "logo"...and then they decided to get married abroad (elope). 

    There was another bride on here several years ago that spent ages getting up extra early before her job to DIY. One project she made were loads of hand-traced, hand-trimmed, and hand-folded favour boxes.  Her OH got sick well before the wedding date and they decided to get married then and there, no big wedding.

    I'm always overbooked and short on time, so I can totally appreciate wanting to get a start on things. But I'd be cautious.

  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride

    Unpopular opinion : it's never too early! 

    Were getting married in just over a year, I started about a month after we got engaged this Christmas just past. I'm so glad I did, it's much less pressure I can just take my time and enjoy it. I started making paper cranes in January, made about 350 in a month or two, then totally forgot about it for 4 months lol I've still got a year to do them though so it's plenty of time!

  • MissFelipeMissFelipe Posts: 33 New bride

    I guess it depends how much you are planning to DIY? We’re June 2019 and I’m keen to start now but with other weddings this year want to hold off and I have changed my mind already on some of the earlier ideas! I’m planning to make - table plan, name cards, table numbers, source bottles and jars for the tables for the flowers, garlands and possible something for  the ceiling of the marquee but can’t quite decide if its overkill and confetti cones...so a fair few bits 😂.

    What I have done instead of starting to make things is to price all of this out, save supplier details for the materials and look for some potential bargains and make a plan of what I’m going to make and when...I’ll do a bit at a time so I can see that it all fits with the look I want. I think October/November will be when I actually start as I can see after Christmas spare time will be rare and my worst nightmare is staying up late in the days before all frantic with a glue gun!

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