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Realistic budget for Italian 2020 wedding?!

Hi ladies,

I am hoping to get married in 2020 in beautiful Italy, probably Tuscany region either May/June or early September. We want a small wedding with around 40 guests and don’t know where to start! 

I have been looking and wedding planners and venues and prices are extremely varied between 6k-20k! 

What is a realistic budget for all costs?

I understand this is extremely vague but I honestly don’t know where to start looking!

Any help would be appreciated! 

R x 


  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 248 New bride


    I'm getting married abroad next year. Italy was our first choice but once we did some digging we realised it was completely out of our budget. We roughly wanted to spend around £10k and majority of wedding planners said that would just cover the venue! As you said it was very over whelming and the prices did differentiate but it was definitely more on the 20k end. 

    Another thing to factor in is if your family and friends could afford to visit. My friend got married in Sorrento last weekend and unfortunately a lot of the people she invited (including us) couldn't really afford to go. It was working out £3k for a long weekend and as we live in the South West it was the hassle of going to London as well.

    We settled on Portugal in the end and their are so many beautiful venues. We searched high and low at venues all over the world and talked to so many wedding planners it really sapped out the fun of it and some were really unhelpful and couldn't give an estimate until the year before. 

    It'll be easier though if you work out a budget of what you roughly want to spend before getting quotes because then they will say no or give you something realistic!

    Hope it helps and good luck! x



  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    We are getting married in Tuscany next year and it certainly isn’t a cheap option! I do think we are getting more value for money in some areas but I’ve yet to come across one element and think it’s cheap! We are having a biggish wedding of around 120 people (though really hoping the number drops!!), and we are budgeting for a pizza party the night before and a bbq the day after and are looking at around £35k all in. That’s without a honeymoon. 

    Legal bits and bobs and the ceremony alone are around €1500 alone. Catering is around €100 a head but that’s including quite a Good amount of alcohol. An open bar from the end of dinner onwards is around €30 a head, depending on options chosen. The food is really good value given the quality and comparing the amount of it to the standard 3 course sit down kind of thing we’d be looking at at a nice venue in London or the South East that we‘d be looking at at home.

    Photography and videography is very expensive and we spent hours researching - averaging around €2000 for each service for someone of good quality and for a full day coverage. Yes you can find cheaper but I noticed a massive jump in quality too. Hair and makeup are expensive so we are flying people out but that could probably be wiped out if you could DIY or have a friend who could help.

    Our wedding planners have been factored in to that too at £2500 but to be honest we couldn’t have attempted it without them. Negotiate a package with someone you click with but unless you’re fluent and have an awful lot of time on your hands to research and chase things down, I wouldn’t attempt it without professional and esperienced help.

    Accommodation doesn’t need to be expensive and flights depending on the time of year and which airport you fly in to can be very reasonable. 

    Florists vary wildly - again our planner is invaluable here and has found us someone who she thinks is great and good value. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Luckily we have chosen a venue which hopefully won’t need much.

    the venue we chose was under the initial budget - our planner suggested we budget for around €8000 for the venue alone but ours is €5000. Pretty much everywhere we looked at was between €5-10k. What you get for that varies but generally it’s just the venue. Even the tables and chairs are often brought in by the catering companies.  

    I’d say if you’re having a smaller wedding then you could do it for a budget but you’d probably want to look at a town hall (some are lovely) and then a Villa for the reception where you could have catering rather than a typical all-in wedding venue. There is a lot of choice but a planner would be key to finding the right kind of place for you.

    Dont forget to include things like rings, favours & outfits in your budget because ours looked fairly ok until we realised none of these had been factored in!! 

    As I said we feel we are getting more value and able to throw more of an event for the same money as we would spend in the UK on the kind of wedding we would want but we certainly aren’t saving any. I’m quite horrified at the costs really and am trying to cut back and find value wherever we can!

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