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The OH and I have been discussing weddings since we got engaged in May this year. He doesn't want a big wedding (he classes over 20 people big) so are looking at the option of Elopement. 


I wondered if anyone has had an Elopement wedding within the UK or Abroad that can help give some more insight into your experience?

I would want a picturesque venue and the opportunity to have a photographer to take photos for us,

We are just looking at options, however will still keep trying to talk him into having 30 people at our wedding. I can't get my numbers lower, so would prefer friends/family to be there, or us both to make it a very personal experience with Just the Two of Us :)




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    I had a semi-elopement. As in people knew we we're getting married but weren't invited. In the end we had 7 people in total (the 2 of us, our son and 2 friends each). We had a photographer and a videographer there are many that do small wedding packages. it was on an island so lots of beautiful beaches for pics. My tips would be find a hotel near a beautiful location, take your parents, go away for the weekend and do it then. You can still have a beautiful wedding with only a few people.

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    Have a look at San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany. It’s the most beautiful place to get married I have ever seen. Unfortunately we are having a bigger wedding and nothing nearby suited for our reception but if we were eloping or having a small wedding I’d have got married there in a heartbeat. Your photos would be stunning. Plus if it’s just the two of you you can combine eloping with a fabulous holiday!

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    I think this is an awkward one because unless you go really far away like america/Australia etc ppl will come. My friend got married in Ibiza cz they wanted a small wedding and didn't think people would go.....50 ppl went and kids! People think 'yeah holiday!'


    You should just invite who you want to invite whether it be abroad or not x

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    Hi Roz!

    Have you thought about getting married in Algarve, Portugal? 

    Amazing venues overlooking the ocean or among flowers, perfect weather, tasty food, great service!

    And it is quite convenient to get to Faro from the UK. Check it out, you'll never be disappointed.


  • Hi Roz,


    My name is Kwabs Oppong, I am an Assistant Producer at TV production company called CTVC. We are currently developing a factual series about elopements for a major broadcaster who have shown a lot of interest.


    The series would follow couples who have decided to elope and the many amazing ways they decide to do it.


    I would love to have a chat to you about our project? and hear how your planning is going? My email is [email protected].


    Hope to hear from you soon,




  • Really elopement in USA will be the best. There are many exotic places in USA for Elopement.

  •  If you choose to get married in a hot country then you are almost guaranteed amazing weather but

    in the UK it's really luck of the dice with regards to the weather! 

    A lot of people think it is cheaper to get married abroad but that depends on what you want!

    I suppose you do get your honeymoon sort of included but there are some great packages available in the UK. 

    The biggest issue my friend had was so many people straight away said they couldn't come.

    All the Best for You Roz10!

  • Hello, have a look into Madeira Island or Porto Santo - Portugal. There are so many beautiful landscapes and astonishing views.
     It's two small paradise islands with affordable prices and you can find great professionals. Search for Celebrants to help you, they are cheaper than wedding planners.

    All the Best.
  • Considering Santorini but it depends on costs  :'( :#
  • I eloped with my second husband. Our wedding was absolutely amazing. Don't hesitate to do it if that's what you want.
    The guest list is is your control, you can invite or not invite whomever you want, whether that's 2 people or 20.  Just keep in mind if you DO want some people to attend that certain destinations are pricier than others and those costs may prevent guests from attending. 

    Also consider who you DO very much want in attendance; if you have an 80 year nan or great aunt in poor health or bestie that's pregnant, you may want to have something much closer to home. A wedding abroad wouldn't be an option for these guests.
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    Watching this with interest as we are planning on eloping just the two of us. 
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