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Ive just discovered this site, hiya to every one, nice to find somewere else to talk about weddings instead just boring my other half!!

We have been together 9 months and just know we are for life, we have the date set for June 21st 2008, we have booked the maritime museum in Falmouth, Cornwall!!! The date is the first day of summer and the longest day, knowin my luck its gonna tip down!!

I paid for my dress this am, I am totally bouncing about it!!

anyway im off to have a nosey around this site, try get some hints and tips!!

OO any one got any advice about agurin family memebers over bridesmaids? I have my bros girlfriend wantin to be one, my two best mates are expectin me to have there in total 3 kids and them, oH my, Not bein sizest but im a size 8-10, everyone else is 16+ and my bro who is givein me away is 25stone, erm Im gonna vanish!!!! helpppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:\?

ok gonna shup up now!

thaks see ya round

angels_storm xximage


  • hiya angel storm im new to the site too... hello... im getting married on my 50th birthday in july nxt year on the 5th !!!! i cant believe how quick its comin round, yeh i ve got my dress im buzzin about it i cant stop talkin about my wedding im sure friends and my other half get hacked off with me but im sooo very excited, got my cars,reception,cake,decorations,dresses,flowers,photographer the lot sorted myself with out any imput as i wanted to do it myself its the first time ive got married and the last... as for argumentative families well i no were you are comin from my sister who was going to give me away has fallen out with me and wont come to the wedding so no body to give me away how sad is that still will have to wait and see how things progress....bye for now
  • Hello! New to the site too, and wierdly enough (or maybe not so strange on this site), that I am getting married on June 21st 2008 too Angel Storm!!

    Been looking and reading on this site for ages, but never written. Now I have, I wonder if I'll ever be off it!! I love reading everyone elses stories and traumas. Makes me feel very normal!

    Well Hi everyone. Speak to you all soon!
  • I'm another newbie to the site! My wedding is taking place next Sept and it's already proving to be a bit of a struggle, as the (generous) amount my dad has stumped up is only covering the venue and food/drink. With this in mind if anyone knows of anyway to save costs let me know! Especially favours... I am thinking of making chocolate truffles myself!?!
  • AaronD2007AaronD2007 Posts: 1,059
    Hiya Angelstorm,

    Hope you enjoy the site, your wedding date is the same as ours!! We can't wait either!!
  • Hiya - im also new here and live in Cornwall - lovely location you have chosen in Falmouth - i am getting married on 2nd August 2008 in Lostwithiel myself...
  • nicnicknicnick Posts: 138
    Hi newies

    It won't be long before your wedding addicts and bridezilla's I have only been on this site for the last month but can't get off it now - marrying 8th May 08! x
  • vivskivivski Posts: 84
    Hi, also new to the site, but totally addicted already! Getting married 6th June 09, can't wait! Plenty of time to reach Bridezilla status (tho the h2b might say I'm there already lol)..
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