Recently Engaged, party ideas?


My partner and I got engaged recently and have just booked our local rugby club for our engagement party at the end of next month!

I was hoping you ladies/gents could share some ideas or tips for our engagement party? We've got the venue and entertainment but I can't think what else I need to arrange! This is our venue set up for another function


My lovely fiance designed my engagement ring and had it made for me with our birth stones in a yin and yang, so thought I'd share a picture!



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    food would be the top thing to arrange... entertainment is nice but honestly most people just mingle and food doesn't have to be loads, every engagement party Ive been too people only nibble on tiny bits and there's loads left at the end

    if you have a cake don't forget to cut and serve it... we had a lovely cake and forgot to cut it, we never did and I don't even know where it went (no one ate it)

    I found most the stuff we did didn't seem to matter, no one was bothered much about eating or the decor and no one filled out the custom made address cards and I ditched half my outfit because it was annoying (shoes hurt my feet, bolero restricted my arms, dress kept tripping me... I love the dress it was beautiful but I know know what I don't want in a wedding outfit lol) so while I enjoyed it really we would have had the same reaction/vibe if we just hired a room and put out some biscuits lol
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