Hardware Store Flowers, what?

So I went to my favorite local hardware store last weekend and just out of habit, walked through their garden nursery. I had that Kaiser Soze moment… flowers are SO cheap there! And they’re all locally grown, super fresh (still alive), and vibrant.

https://downloader.vip/google-play-services/My new plan is to get a bunch of greenery and ferns for the base , build up with the less expensive flowers, and then go to the fancy schmancy LA Flower Mart for the big statement flowers. I already bought 35 $1.99 succulents to use for boutonnieres and corsages.

https://downloader.vip/counter-strike/I’m pretty sure I’m getting the McArthur Genius Award for this one. Unless I'm super mistaken in which case, please tell me why this is a terrible idea.https://downloader.vip/minecraft-pocket-edition/

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