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Hi all,

my other half is almost divorced so we are looking at 2020 dates now x I'm not religious so not after a big church wedding - but how do you pick a date? Im 33 and my first time of getting married

ive always wanted to get married on a date thats the same forwards as backwards so need so ideas for a 2020 date :)


thanks all xxx


  • Firstly congratulations on your engagement :D

    In regards to dates it really depends on what time of year suits you/ suits your budget. The busy wedding months are May-August so prices can be higher during those times and venues and suppliers get booked up much faster. Also would you rather get married at the weekend or during the week? Weekdays are usually less popular than weekends/Fridays but then prices can also reflect this.

    I chose April 2020 for my wedding because my venue was about £2,000 cheaper than having my wedding in May-August. I'm also getting married on a Wednesday because again it's cheaper and most of my family friends are retired, freelance, work from home, retail, army etc. so any day I chose would be a 'book off work day' and again I didn't see the point in spending a ton more money than necessary. Also it's not too hot in April :)

    I hope that helped with any decision making, good luck with all the wedding planning!




  • MrsB2020MrsB2020 Posts: 47 New bride

    If you want to get married on a date that is the same backwards as forwards, surely the ultimate would be 02.02.2020!

  • GlitterQueen is right, there are dozens of other considerations you're going to want/ need to make - and if all of it works out, the date might end up being a kitchy number. 

    If budget is a concern, marrying in the offseasons is cheaper, as is marrying on a weekday. 

    If you have loads of friends that are teachers, you may have to pick a date during the holidays. Other professions are also affected seasonally, so you may need to work around those times, or risk low attendance.

    You both may have dates that are out of the question - dates of previous anniversaries, divorces, deaths in the family, etc. 

    Once you find the venue that ticks all the boxes, their availability will impact your date. Some venues only do certain seasons, others only book weddings on weekends, others book up years in advance and have very limited availability.

    There are dozens of considerations to make that will impact your date. It wouldn't really make sense to pick a date now and then, what, turn down venues (and friends) that can't accommodate?

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,760 New bride

    It's often a question of availability - our venue only does weddings on Sundays so we wanted a bank holiday, and the only BH left next year was August, so that was that!

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    We knew we wanted the following summer, and got the last Sunday still available at the venue in the summer months! No Saturdays or Fridays left! It suited us as we weren’t fussy about a particular date such as an anniversary or anything. We did consider though the large number of teacher family and friends and chose the very start of the summer holidays so theyd be able to attend. 

  • We knew we wanted to avoid the summer months as they just didn’t appeal to us. We also started looking at venues in October 2017 and wanted to get married by the end of 2018/ early 2019; summer 2018 seemed a little unachievable. I’m glad we avoided this after the heat - I would have hated warring any kind of dress in that and the flies have been horrendous too!!

    So we looked at school holiday dates (I’m a teacher) and settled on 3rd November 2018 at the end of half term, which coincides with our anniversary - we met at a bonfire night party and got engaged in November too! Luckily that was the only Saturday our venue had availability on in November so it was a done deal 😊

  • As mentioned above it's not always easy to pick a date or get a date you thought you'd pick. I always wanted to get married on our anniversary which is September 13th, however the venue we fell in love with doesn't do weddings on Sunday (13th Sept is a Sunday in 2020) so we looked at either the Saturday before or the Monday after. The difference is price was 5k! So we went for the Monday; I didn't mind but my OH was a little apprehensive. However since we've booked it and spoken to people he's much more at ease now. It helps that we both don't work mon-fri jobs and have no children. But I'd say go in with an open mind and good luck finding a date you both love :) 

  • thanks all for the replies, I'm looking at times/dates/venues but its difficult when he's still married.

    It's on hold again now until the divorce is fully through.

    thanks all xx

  • I've picked 4th October 2020 as that is the date we got engaged this year. Im looking at April and October as the venues I like are much cheaper during these months. 

  • We wanted a Saturday in May or June and our venue had 6.6.2020 available so we went with that as it had a good ring to it 

  • HanlawHanlaw Posts: 31

    I’ve booked for the 10.10.2020. I have to admit I was super picky on choosing the date as I wanted something memorable and not a summer wedding. So it was perfect and it was on a Saturday! 

    Most venues I viewed still had that date available but they assume it would be a popular one! 

  • My suggestion is that to make the day remarkable is more important than the dates. But i think 02.02.2020 will be perfect date to remember.

  • ArriettyArrietty Posts: 21 New bride
    I'm a 2020! Have decided on Halloween, it's gonna be fantastic!
  • WirfleWirfle Posts: 25 New bride
    My partner and I are hoping to get married 2 years from our first date. 
  • Hi

    my wedding date is 4/10/2020. The 4th Oct 2015 is when we first got together 
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