I think I know what I need to do :( looking for advice

FH and I spent months looking for a venue that fits our budget and guest list (170 people). We finally found a beautiful new place that was offering an amazing "grand opening" special that includes pretty much everything! We paid a $600 deposit when we signed the contract in July.

Since then our faith in the venue and it's management has gone way down. They are constantly posting their personal business on the venue's Facebook page and come across as very unprofessional. Also, I have asked for a copy of my contract and haven't received it and I don't think they even have insurance on the building which concerns me. I sent a long, detailed explanation of my concerns yesterday morning (via email) and haven't heard back.

I think we are going to have to begin all over again and find a new venue and all new vendors. I'm trying to come to terms with losing that $600, but it's hard considering our budget is already so small.

Does anyone have any advice on how to tell them we aren't going to have our wedding with them after all? How long should I wait for their response to the email before I "fire" them? Is there any way you can think of that I'll be able to get my deposit back? Or just any advice in general? This is kind of freaking me out.

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  • We paid a $600 deposit when we signed the contract in July.


    did you not keep a copy of the contract? was it on paper rather than email? 

    you may be able to go down the ‘breach of contract‘ route but would need to prove they haven’t fulfilled their end of the contract. 

    Keep chasing for the original contract. Request it in email, recorded delivery etc. I wonder if they’re delaying until you’re in a period of non refundable deposit or liable for a % of costs so make sure you keep evidence of everything. 


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