Affordable venue in Detroit area?


I recently found this site, and after some searching, have seen nothing about the Detroit area, and would love some help if any of you have experience wedding planning near there!

I'm in California (fiance is a Michigander), and won't live in MI until a few months before my wedding (I go out to visit often, though). The venues I've seen online are all fairly expensive. Our guest list is between 100-125, and we're hoping for June 2020.

The only rules we have are 1) Not in a church 2) Open bar (wine/beer only is fine. And I know this is the expensive part, but it's one of our only must haves...) 3) Would prefer to have ceremony and reception in the same place, but this is not a 100% necessity.

Any tips would be super appreciated!


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,770 New bride

    This is a UK site, so you are unlikely to get many USA recommendations I'm afraid!

  • Kitty12Kitty12 Posts: 119 New bride

    Hi Christina,

    You may get some more useful advice on WeddingBee. We would all love to help you, but the majority of users here are from the UK, so we probably won’t be able to give you the specific help you need.

    Good luck with your planning!

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