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colour theme dilemma!

Who  would've thought choosing a colour theme would be so stressful. I've always dream of having a gorgeous vintage themed wedding with soft pinks and creams very romantic but h2b is adamant on having super bright colours like blue and yellow!

I'm not a fan at all especially since his sister had blue as her colour,I'm coming to terms with  the fact that I'm never going to have my dream wedding but I don't know what to do I've seen a few palettes of light yellows and blues I quite like but they all look so similar to his sister's colours. Am I being silly by not wanting to have similar colours?


  • My cousins got married 7 years ago and her colour theme was green, she’s one of my bridesmaids and I’m also having a green colour scheme, but they’re not going to resemble one another at all. She had full green bridesmaids dresses, my bridemaid dresses are pink with lots of green and floral embroidery and my flower girl dresses are a sage green with lots of embroidery. Where she had things like chair sashes, I’ll be having more actual greenery.  There’s things that you can do with the same colour scheme that look very different so I wouldn’t worry about thinking they’re similar (unless you actually pick the same things). 

    Rather than pick a colour scheme first, I would suggest the groom finds a suit that he loves and you find bridesmaid dresses that you love and work around them. Afterall, whats the point in having a colour scheme if you then can’t find anything you like to suit it?

    good luck! 

  • Cat93Cat93 Posts: 109 New bride

    I'm not really having a colour scheme which seems to be blowing most peoples minds! When they ask what is the theme, I Just don't have an answer?! 

    We all know in day to day life what does and doesn't look good together when we get dressed so why has my whole day got to be themed round a colour?! I am getting married in the autumn due to my H2B being a farmer (this is his least busy time) so autumn colours aren't my theme it just so happens to be when we are getting married, I chose my bridesmaids dresses to be a specific colour just because I liked the colour and nothing else will be the same colour and my flowers are completely different colours but match the "formal/rich deep colours" I suppose "deep" colours are my theme but do what you like - I certainly haven't put a label on it and it hasn't caused me any bother :) 

  • Have you got a venue yet? The venue typically sets the tone for the colour theme. If you've got a room with burgandy carpets and navy drapes, a light yellow colour theme would look pretty awful.  If you've gone for a rustic barn and you're trying for a modern pallet of silver, black, and white it would look equally awful.  I'd let the venue help make your decision - and as Jessica Rabbit suggests, it also helps to look around from there at what is available and what you actually like. It doesn't pay to fix your heart on something that clashes with your venue, isn't available, or isn't available in real-life items you actually like.

  • Could you come to a compromise that pleases both of you? I'm thinking vintage creams, soft pink, baby blue and navy. 

    Something like this:
    Image result for light pink and navy wedding colors
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