What do I do!!

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Hello everyone, 

I am new to the forum and hope I am posting in the correct place.

I am very recently engaged and always thought I would know exactly what to do if ever I was in this position, well it turns out in reality I don't have a clue!

I want to spend a little time enjoying my new-found status as a fiancee but after that would like to have an idea in my mind of what I'm doing. However I have no idea what I am supposed to do first! At the moment I am feeling very overwhelmed. 

Any pointers would be wonderful. 

Thank you  


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    Discuss what kind of wedding you want and a realistic budget and idea of numbers, and go from there.
  • Thank you MrsCtoBee, We have a rough idea of numbers (around 100 for the day and extra 30/40 for the evening) and both my fiance and I definitely want a church ceremony. 

    The budget is where I am struggling a little bit. Like everyone else, I want to have a nice day but don't want it to cost a fortune but don't want to skimp either as I only plan on doing this once. I am a very indecisive person and doubt myself and decisions a lot and often worry about what others will say and think so I can feel I am getting myself into a bit of a pickle before I even start. 

    One thing I am very sure of is that I want us to pay for all of it ourselves with no contributions from either family. 

    I am going to research some venues and send off for some brochures to have a better understanding of there price ranges I think. 
  • I think thats a great way of looking at it. When we started planning i had in my head the whole shebang wouldn't go over £8,000 but it was only when we started looking at venues we liked i realised my ideas just weren't realistic. We then decided if we wanted to keep it to the original idea of £8,000 or if we would re adjust based on what we now knew. We then basically worked out how much we can save between now and when itll all need to be paid off, and then went from there. 

    I do feel like its always adjusting, because you'll have other moments where you thought you could get something for X price but actually Y is more realistic, and then you just have to decide on a case by case basis if its worth the extra, if you can make it work, or if there are any alternatives. 

    The best thing i was told is make your budget a range, so from X to Y because it's never going to be a set number. So if you keep it around X that's great, but you're definitely not going over Y no matter what. 
  • Thank you CoffeeDogAddict (love the name by the way)

    That is brill advice about the budget range, i'd not heard of that before. But it is definitely something I will discuss with my fiance. I have no idea what weddings cost at the moment so not sure what a realistic budget would be.

    £8,000 seems a lot of money to me but something I think we could afford but I don't know if I would be happy to spend upward of that on one day per say, but maybe I am being unrealistic and when we decide what kind of wedding we want as MrsCtoBee said then I will have to adjust my thinking and purse strings!

    So I think from what you are both saying is venues and budget are maybe the best places to start. 

    Thanks again
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