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Giving Notice of Marriage

Hi, this has no doubt been asked before but I'm giving notice at my local registry office on 30th (where we're getting married too) & he's giving notice at his local one on same day. What questions are asked / how long does the meeting take?. I've major anxiety & it took me all my stones to phone & make the appointment haha. Thanks lovelies


  • We did our a couple weeks ago. It took about half an hour, really easy. Just simple questions about ourselves (names, address, DOB) and to check we are free to marry and not related.
    I was anxious before but it was so simple!
  • Yeah it's all pretty straight forward, full names, where born, when born, job title, confirm you aren't related, aren't already married, are entering into marriage of your own free will, show your ID and confirm some things like do you want your fathers name on your marriage certificate etc and that's it. Some of the appointment was us together but most was us individually, while the other waited outside.
  • It takes about half an hour, and it’s really simple. Like the others have said, they ask for your names, DOB, free to marry, etc. I couldn’t get up the courage to book mine over the phone so booked it online. I was super nervous before the appointment but they were so lovely. 
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