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Just us 2

Looking for some advice please
my partner and I have decided to get married (we’ve been together a long time) 
unfortunately I suffer with depression and anxiety and don’t deal with attention at all well and my partner is not that comfortable either   :'( we are seriously thinking of it just being the two of us.  We have booked a local registry office for March but have been told that they can’t provide witnesses but we don’t want to ask 2 people we know because we are sure  then other members of family/friends would be even more offended - help - what do we do ???
we are wondering whether we should just invite family but then wonder if our close friends would be offended and should we then invite them but keep coming back to we think we’d prefer it to be just us two  <3
can anyone help/advise please 
thanks very much x


  • We are having a registry office ceremony with only my 16 year old daughter and a friend who does professional photography (and is taking photos for us), as our witnesses. Had I not had a child, we would have done it just the two of us. Some people ask in forums like this if anyone lives locally to the area and would act as witnesses. Others try to grab people who are nearby, though it's risky if you don't find anyone x I hope you manage to sort something xx 
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    Thanks x 
  • I would ask locally in wedding forums or groups if someone could take an hour out to help, where are you based? 
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    Thanks x 
    in Nottingham  :) any tips on finding local forums - this is only one I’ve come on  ;)
  • My ex and I eloped. We asked the celebrant to bring along two people.  She brought her husband and her grown daughter.  They were also kind enough to take pictures for us.

    If you're having a photographer, ask if he/she can bring a second person (like a spouse or friend) and they could act as your witnesses. 

    What about a co-worker of your or his? One that is nice but you wouldn't call a close friend. Perhaps he/she could bring their spouse/BF/GF.  Are you getting your hair or make-up done?  Your stylist perhaps would be willing to stick around and/or bring a friend (who doesn't want to watch a wedding?) 

    You can definitely put a post on this forum - it's the most likely place that you'll find someone both local and empathetic to your cause! I would just do it a few weeks out and bump your post every few days if you get no responses.  I wouldn't post it too far in advance for fear that your potential volunteer will forget or "disappear."
    I would agree that if you ask two close friends or family members that you are then going to offend others.
  • Hi there!

    I can sympathise as I also suffer from mental health issues, I would echo either eloping or just keeping it small, which is what I'm hoping to do. 

    Hope you find a solution which works for you. 
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    Thanks x 
    do you think we need a photographer- wasn’t sure if be strange with being just 2 of us ?? 
  • I'd have one, unless you think that pictures taken with your own mobile phones or own camera by the witnesses would be sufficient.  I guess it depends on how much you think you would appreciate having nice pictures.  There are loads of 'togs that actually offer special elopement packages, so having one is not uncommon.

    I didn't have a tog when my ex and I eloped, but we got VERY lucky and the witnesses actually took really nice pictures for us.  We also had lots and lots of people offer to take pictures of us after the ceremony at the restaurant where we went to dinner and the one after that where we went for dessert and coffee.  But you can't be assured that strangers are going to take good pictures or that they may even want to - so def do consider hiring someone if photography is important to you.
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    Thanks I’ve contacted someone who can hopefully help us and she is willing to be a witness too  :) so maybe we’ll be ok and can get it sorted 😊 
    just the rings and outfits to sort now 😳😳😳 and where to go away for a few days - just want somewhere nice but not too far away 😉
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