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I am writing to offer FREE wedding planning services for couples who are getting married in Scotland in return for some honest feedback/testimonials to build up my clientele.

I am looking at starting out my own wedding planning business having worked in the industry for years as a venue wedding coordinator for different venues across Scotland. I can provide services in supplier sourcing, venue sourcing, scheduling, venue coordination to on the day coordination.

Please get in touch if this is something you would be interested in. A helping hand goes a long way :) 

Love Laura x


  • Hi Laura, what a kind offer! Where about in Scotland are you? We’re in Fife. I’ve never been to a wedding (my friends aren’t married and all of DPs were married before I met him) so any guidance would be much appreciated if your offer is still open 🙂
  • Hey Laura, 

    I would be very interested in some planning services, we are set to get married next October at Harvest Moon in Dunbar. Have started some planning but its a relaxed DIY style weekend wedding and I'm sure some professional help wouldn't go amiss.

    It would be great to here more of what you are looking to offer and how you could possibly help out.

    Becki P  <3
  • Can you explain a bit more
  • Hi Laura, are you still offering? We'd love some help styling or venues.

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