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Anyone had a small wedding of 26 people?

Hi all,

 Anyone had a small wedding where there are 26 guests in total (including me and h2b) finding it difficult to plan my day and what will work etc.

  • I want drinks and Canapes on arrival 
  • Then after the ceremony cocktail hour
  • Then wedding breakfast 

Not sure what to do for the evening and if I should/shouldn't have evening entertainment 

Looking for a venue that will allow for a Sunday in the following areas:

  • Staffordshire
  • Cotswolds 
  • Cheshire 
  • Cheltenham 
  • Gloustershire 
  • Anything else near these areas



  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    We are getting married in a pub in Kent who would work with those numbers. Try pub wedding venues, they tend to be quite flexible.
  • We only had 10 at our wedding (us included!) we got married at Nashpoint Lighthouse, then went to a local restaurant for our 'reception' just ordered in advance .When my mum and dad recently renewed their vows, they had a church service then booked a side room in a local pub restaurant for their meal that was 24 of us. 
  • Hi, I d like to join in here, we are only having 22 to our wedding and looking for table ideas, we have hired a local 1920's style restaurant, I'm just a bit lost on what to do, have some many ideas in my head 🤔🤔
  • Ours is a bit out of the norm. Our ceremony is just us, my 16 yr old daughter and my friend who is our photographer. We are going to Prezzo after photos to have a meal, then possibly going bowling. 3 days later we are having a party for about 60 odd people as our 'celebration party.

    I don't unfortunately have any advice on entertainment, but it's nice to hear of more small weddings xx 
  • I’m getting married here which is in Cheshire It’s a pub with barn and they have very good deals, and I know they’ve done weddings for similar numbers. They do Sundays, our wedding is Sunday. 

    Do do you want a church or civil ceremony? If civil are you happy with town hall/register office or would you prefer to get married at your reception venue? 

    There are some lovely hotel venues that offer packages for smaller weddings. The Lake District May be out of range but I loved this place and was very tempted, we just decided to stay closer to home

    I went to a wedding with similar numbers once, Manchester Town Hall then walk to the Midland Hotel where there was a suite with drinks, then afternoon tea type food with just background music playing and lots of fizz and chat. There wasn’t an evening so as such, some people drifted away and the rest of us went down to the bar, it was really lovely and relaxed. 

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