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Is a 150-200 people wedding even possible for $6k?

Hello everyone,,

Okay guys! I’m a college student and we are on a limited budget of $6kish. We don’t want anything extravagant but we do want our loved ones there which is unfortunately (in this situation) 150-200 people. I’m curious.. do you think it’s even possible?? Here’s my budget so far:

Photographer $1000 (already booked)

Venue $1000 (4-5 for this price in my area so it’s doable)

Invites/Stationary $200

Baker $200 (a friend)

Catering $1500 (a taco truck)

Decor/ favors $300 (DIY erryyything)

Grooms wear / band $500

DJ $500 Flowers $300

Officiant free (family friend)

Table & chair & cloth rentals $ 500

Bridal party gifts $300

My family is paying for my dress and all things included in getting me ready so that’s a big savings.

Is there anything I am wayyy off on or that I’m forgetting? Thanks for the advice!

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