Best ladies or best women?

Can you help me choose between best lady and best woman please?  I'll give a bit of context....

We're having a small wedding abroad, probably around 20 guests, I'm having h2b's grown up neice as a bridesmaid, our good friend is best man and our favourite 'couple' friends are being our witnesses.  However, this leaves out my two best friends of forever (who would definitely be in my bridal party if I was having a big wedding but I do want some guests  ;))

So, I want to include them in a little way, and am going to make them something similar to a bridesmaid box, with a card saying how much they mean to me, but I just can't decide between the term 'best lady' or 'best woman'.

I've been fussing over this for days, so strange how such little details become so tricky! :#

What would you choose? Thanks


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