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Hi everyone! 

I hope you're all well :)

I was wondering if anybody has considered hiring or is looking for a Wedding Celebrant at all?

Many thanks 


  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,131 New bride
    We did debate it, but for our area although its a nicer experience for the ceremony, it means paying £200 odd (inc fee notice)for a basic registry for the legal bit, PLUS the £600-£1000 most celebrants charge, in addition to the hassle of having to do the legal bit a different day. 

    They are lovely and so much more personal, but its just so expensive!
  • Thanks for the reply CoffeeDogAddict (love the name by the way)

    When are you due to get married? 
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,131 New bride
    Not until April 2020, but we are off to give notice on Friday so had the final "do we-dont we" with this issue over the weekend. 

    I think if we were somewhere where to local office did a cheap paperwork ceremony then we would have been more swayed.  
  • Awesome! Well, the funny thing is, I'm on here speaking to brides/couples as some are also feeling similarly. I'm actually a wedding celebrant myself. I've got 2 couples' weddings this year already and working on a few more ceremonies so my days are filled with nothing but love and their beautiful stories! What a 'job' I have haha. I'd be happy to speak outside of this forum if you'd like as I'm nowhere near the price range of the celebrants you've mentioned. How mad are those costs?! More than happy to chat either over the phone or email - whichever (if) you'd prefer? 
  • Jenl80Jenl80 Posts: 19 New bride
    I had a humanist ceremony for my daughters naming ceremony it was fantastic, the good thing about using a celebrant is you can literally have your ceremony anywhere! It’s was very relaxed and super personal with my 2 older sons being able to help conduct things, it’d be brilliant for a wedding
  • Hi Jen, it is indeed fantastic having a Celebrant. We hadn't even heard about them and ended up having one for our wedding, then I loved the idea of them so much and the fact celebrant-led weddings are pretty much limitless, AND because I LOVE love, I trained up as one and ta daaaaaaa! So my part time job is to learn about couples, their values, their dreams, their love story, etc and bring them together on their most special day. What a "job"! I couldn't be happier. If ever you'd like to have a look at my site, please feel free - it's - I do so many types of ceremonies. This is my ultimate passion. Where did you end up having your daughter's naming ceremony by the way? x
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