My wedding is not a family reunion

Hello everyone,,
How can I tactfully tell my cousins and their children that are not invited that my wedding is not a family reunion? I sent an invite to my aunt and uncle. An invitation for 2 turned into 17!!!! My dad would be so upset if I said anything but we are literally having a family reunion a month before my wedding. They said they didn't want to go because my distant cousin that was invited wouldn't make it to the reunion but she will be at my wedding. It's rude AF!


  • Just say numbers are limited for your wedding but you look forward to seeing them for the reunion!

    Always difficult with families and having cut off points, and even with them they get ignored and people assume they are invited too. 
  • Sci-Fi NerdSci-Fi Nerd Posts: 52 New bride
    State that your venue has a limit. I have read other brides have found that excuse helpful.
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