Cyprus 2021 - booking holiday before wedding?

Hi. I am new to this site and hoping you ladies can help. 
I am looking to get married in Cyprus June 2021. I am thinking of ways to keep costs down. My idea was to wait until holidays are realised for 2021 (could be as early as nov 19 but could be April 20) I would then look for a free child place as myself, partner and two children are travelling. 

My question is is it too risky booking a holiday before you have a wedding date? Ideally I would like a hotel wedding in the same place I am staying but I would be ok with the wedding being elsewhere if we were saving. 

Any advice would be much appreciated. X


  • tonyx4tonyx4 Posts: 6 New bride
    Hi KMDD, 

    We got married in Cyprus last year (2018). We engaged the services of a wedding planner who booked our ceremony with the town hall/registrar first. We then planned our holiday and everything else around that. 

    We found it better to book first that way when we planned our wedding, sent out invites etc we had the nailed on date which people could work around for their flights and accommodation. 

    Have you considered a villa wedding?This helped us with cost and allowed a lot more freedom to chose independent service providers for the catering, wedding cake, wedding planning, decorating etc. 

    There's also the location. Flying to Paphos or Larnaca. Depending where you are in UK it's typical Jet2 or Thomas Cook who fly to Paphos. We found the flights to be expensive as some of our guests found package deals less than what we paid for our flights. I'd say if you are looking at saving money, explore the flights and packages first. Then check availability of weddings. But remember you have to be on the island for a few days prior to your ceremony to warrant their "temporary resident" status which is required for the marriage. 

    All the best, 

    T & M
  • Hi tonyx4 

    thanks so so much for your reply. I think the what I will do just wait for a holiday and work around that. 

    I have already contacted some planners and they have some great packages compared to thomas cook etc which seem much more expensive. 

    We would be flying from Newcastle and jet 2 did have some good deals based on June 2020. 

    I had actually thought about a villa but wouldn’t know where to start. Do you have to stay over at the villa to have the wedding and reception there. I don’t fancy a town hall wedding or church. 

    Once again thanks your response x
  • gaga3lsgaga3ls Posts: 3 New bride
    Depends from the place where you wanna marrie
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