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I got engaged on 28th July 💕 and we already come up with one major difference. I want a really small intimate wedding with people important to us there. I don’t have a large family and have lots of friends who are mainly in Yorkshire where I’m from but I’m getting married in Somerset where my partner’s family live and that’s where my angel baby was buried. Partner and I live in Winchester for now. 
Partner is adamant he wants his family there. All 80 of them with thousands of kids. I haven’t met most of them. I’m like we are both mature students and can’t afford the expense of feeding everyone.(he’s 30 and I’m 35) But he’s not budging saying it’s affordable with church n village hall do. I’m like it’s our day, not a family reunion. I also have spina bifida, I can walk ok ish but the idea of so many people there looking at me is giving me nightmares. Is that normal? I’m also deaf so I can’t communicate with most of them and would have to pay for an interpreter. 
But We seem to agree more or less on ideas for everything else like colour theme, Somerset location, date, church, who is in wedding party, who is doing flowers n cake in family. It’s early days but we are both on holiday as it’s august so we are collecting ideas now before uni starts again in September. 
Just not sure how to find compromise with size of people!! Has anyone had similar difficulties?


  • MrsB2020MrsB2020 Posts: 54 New bride
    I have friends who had a similar issue - their compromise was a small, more intimate ceremony with just closest friends and family, and then a big party the next weekend with everyone.
    Hope you can find a compromise you’re both happy with!
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