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How far ahead of your wedding did you start shopping for and purchase your wedding dress?

I’m getting married February 2020*** and haven’t even started looking. The only thing we’ve done so far is booked the venue. I’m overwhelmed but don’t want to procrastinate. I also have a goal weight I’d like to reach (stereotypical bride, I know). Ten pounds which is feasible for me so I’m not sure if I should start looking or keep to my diet/workout routine a month or two longer and then start looking. (**EDIT AGAIN: I obviously meant 2021! Not sure what’s wrong with me!)

EDIT: looking like the general consensus is start looking now Especially if you want to test different places and/or find a bargain. And to buy current size or larger to bring it in during alterations. Glad to hear how you ladies went about this. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to people who are currently experiencing this vs friends/family who got married years ago. I am constantly trusting everyone’s advice and posts on this subreddit and find myself saying “well brides online said...” more and more!

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