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Hi everyone,

I've been hanging about for a while but this is my first post. :\)

We've budgeted for about 120 people at our wedding but I've just gone over the guestlist again and there's 140 names on it! image

I can't see that we can cut anyone out of the list but realistically how many people should I expect to say they can't make it?!


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    Hiya Kipper09,

    Congrats on you first post. from what i can gather you'll soon be addicted!

    I posted a similar query at

    You might want to check out the responses there.

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    Thanks McG2b that's really helpful! I'll keep an eye on your post as it sounds like you've got the same problem as me! x

    Kipper x
  • We invited 115 people and 110 attended.
  • We invited 135 guests in total. 17 are unable to make it but most of these are just "and guest" that we'd added to the invites.
  • Hi Kipper09, We invited 150 expecting maybe 10-20 to decline, our wedding isn't local so would be about 5 hours travelling for some and at christmas too! To be honest there are people that i would have been sure would come - godparents for example (who happen to be in a family of 9!!) but they aren't coming, even had an uncle pull out and his daughter was supposed to be a flowergirl! then there's the evening guests (friends that unfortunately had to come second to family) and the ones you wouldn't expect to come but who were thrilled to be asked to the evening and really want to be there that they would travel all that way for the sake of a few hours! we soon realised that if they really wanted to make all that effort then it is them who should be coming to the day not the family members that 'can't be bothered or haven't saved up enough'...they've known about it for 2 years!! sorry abit of a rant but what i'm trying to say is that it worked out for the best! although it was a complete nightmare at's the one thing that you don't have total control over as the unexpected could happen! it really worked itself out.

    Hope this sort of helps and Goodluck!

  • Hi Kipper09

    sounds like your having the same problem as me i've invited all my family to the whole day which is about 120 but we only budgeted for an extra 20 evening guest but as soon as i got engaged i've started getting calls from old school friends, neighbours, old work mates and people my parents used to drink with down the local and their all expecting a invite h2b isn't happy but i think you've got to draw the line somewhere i'm only inviting the people and friends that have always been there hope that helps alittle good luck x
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    we've got the same problem total of 120 but a list of 140. We're going to stagger the invites, starting off by inviting the all day invites plus some evening (adult children of all day guests, there are so many that we'd never get enough refusals to invite them all) then sending out the evening bit by bit, friends from uni first, working down to work collegues. Which coincidentily means that the people with furthest to travel get invited first, appart from maybe h2b's work collegues if they end up invited he'll have been in glasgow nearly a year by then and we're getting married in Bristol.
  • We are looking at a list of 130 so far, and we've only done the first list, thinking that 100 will be our maximum number (due to venue restrictions). We are planning on knocking off all the +1's first and then maybe spouses of work mates and h2b's football friends etc... do you think this is acceptable??
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    Mrshampson2be, I think you've got the right idea. That's certainly what I'm intending to do! Firstly I'm working out who probably won't come - e.g. 2 couples who live in America, then scrapping the non married plus 1's, then flakey friends! We're also not inviting anyone from our current work so that we don't get into "if x is invited then we have to invite y". We're having no children either!

    We are considering inviting people just to the evening as well, which we weren't planning on before.

    Scrapping people is more important as I found my dream venue at the weekend and it can only hold 120 people!

    Hope this helps.
  • mrshampton2be, it's up to you who comes to your wedding. 'And guests' aren't people you'll know of, they're friends of friends so you are well within your rights to just invite the friend/colleague you both know.

    Having no children is a good idea, most kiddies think weddings are boring anyway, unless you're providing specific entertainment for them.

    I have a huge family, 3 grandparents, 30 aunts and uncles, over 100 cousins, then all the extended family... and that's just on my side! As a family we all get on well together and as parents were paying for the majority of the wedding we felt it was right to allow them to choose (within reason!) which family came to what parts of the wedding. We had 50 friends between us that were able to come to the meal.

    We had 200 for our sit-down, then 100 for the evening. We said all could come to the ceremony so they all got to share our day. They all understood why they were invited to the evening and none begrudged it. It's not physically possible to invite everyone you could, and you shouldn't invite people just to be polite. Have the people you want there and your day will be so much more fun than having a load of people you barely know.
  • We sent out save the date cards so that everyone knew to 'save the date' sorry!!! we're not expecting anyone to decline because of this - sorry not much help?!

    when are you getting married, could you send out save the date cards?

    We're having about 80 to the day do and then the same again for the evening. we can't afford to really invite more than that just as we're having a sit down dinner and paying for it ourselves.

    We're not inviting plus ones/and guest as we don't really want people at our wedding that we don't know plus the extra expense.
  • we have invited 86 to the main event and sit down meal as we nedd to have at least 60 attend befor we have to pay a preium on the room we want. we also have 11 children invited.

    we have about 36-40 invioted for the evening so hopefully we will have about 100 adults altogether in the evening and about 20 children.

    if everybody turns up we will have about 120 adults which would be great!
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    i was told be every caterer that u have to expect at least 10% drop out! based on ppl being on holiday and forgeting, people not being well and bereavements as well ... saying that i dont think you can really count on that!!

    we have cut our list down to 165 for the whole day and 50 to the evening - being that our wedding is on a Thursday we are not expecting many of the evening guests to attend!!! but they will have the invites!!!!
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