Im new and engaged

Hi me and my fiance got engaged in November 2003, we had only been together 2months but were so in love and we had spoken about getting married.

We were in my bedroom at home and I was doing my make-up and as i looked in the mirror i could see he was down on one knee. I turned around and he said those wonderful words we all love to hear 'will you marry me?' and of course i screamed YES and the ring was & is beautiful. I was so happy and excited, it wasnt a big proposal but i was only 17 and he was 19, it was still special.

In may 2004 we had an engagement party and it was a great night.

In may 2005 i was constantly grumpy with him and bloated and hungary, I done a pregnancy test and as i sat in the bath waiting for the result Lee said 'its positive'. I was in total shock I really didnt believe I was Pregnant, he was so happy but it took longer for it to sink in with me and all i could think about was what i was going to say to mum and dad. But like most parents they soon accepted it and were really pleased for us.

In December 2005 we moved into our flat and on 21st Jan 06 we had a baby girl and now she is 22months old and a tear away toddler. We love her to bits and I'm so happy with the way things have turned out but still really want to get married.

I originally wanted a BIG wedding but now i care more about being MRS and showing people how much I love him so I think we will have a small one with close family and friends. Although we're trying for baby no.2 at the mo so who knows when that'll be!!

Sorry for my life story x x


  • Hi Girls,

    Well im new too! got engaged on the 7th November to my lovely man Chris, already booked the venue, band and photographer so were well on our way but as you can see its still.............659 days to go!

    Love to hear from anyone getting or got married in Aberdeen? Any ideas, tips or just girls who want to chat.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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    Congrats and welcome new brides2b the time will fly by, so enjoy! keep us posted on how things are going for you xx
  • Hi thankyou for your replys. I originally wanted to get married this year and because we had felicity we decided may 2008 but now we want another baby so there isnt a big gap so im hoping may or june 2009 as long as we concieve soon. I wouldnt like to get married when im pregnant x
  • I'm new too, got engaged on 9th November, five years to the day after our first date. We're getting married in April 2009, I haven't done anything except enquire about the church. I think I've got loads of time but everyone keeps telling me it will fly by! I love reading about all of your plans- gives me lots of inspiration! x
  • Welcome all newbies!! You'll get loads of great tips on here!

    I'm well an truly addicted to this site now.....h2b claims hes a wedding widower!! xxx
  • Hiya girl's i'm new on here and i am getting married in August 2008 and i have been engaged for nearly three years at christmas. We been together for eight years now and we have three children as well. I'm looking foward to my wedding to my long term partner and we got a few things done so far. from donnataylor22.
  • Hi Im fairly new too, I got engaged to James on 17th Nov and have since spent lots of time getting loads of ideas off this website. We are hoping to get married in Italy in Sept 08, so all the advice has been really useful.

    Would love to chat to any newly engaged brides to be planning their weddings.

    Claire x

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm also new. My fiance and I got engaged on Bonfire Night this year and have set a (provisional) date for 22nd December 2011. Aaaaaages away I know but I'm so excited.

    I've been having a browse round the forums and there's some amazingly helpful stuff, I can't wait to share experiences with everyone!
  • Hello, I got engaged Aug bank holiday and we set a date for December next year, we have booked the reception and church but that is it, I don't know where to start??? Any ideas it's just under a year away so I guess I need to start planning things. Please help.

    Amanda x x
  • hi all b2b, im 21 and engaged to my wonderful fiance luke. we plan to marry aug 2009. im soo nervous and dont know when to start doing what! any useful tips and ideas would be great!
  • hey. im 22 and h2b is 24. we got engaged on our 5th anniversary in paris and i love him to bits. i cant wait to start planning our wedding but i think it will be in 2010 image i wish it could be sooner xx
  • Hey, Me and my h2b are both 24. We got engaged on xmas day, been together 5 and a half years but have been friends for about 15 years went to primary school together. I can not calm down i think i need a good slap, but we are planning on summer 2009 not sure on dates as have not seen the vicar at the church yet to see if we can marry there as we are not part of the parish.

    As you can all prob tell i have no clue where to even begin but i am sure this website will sort me out.

    Gemms x
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