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Me and my fiance were planning on getting married in september 2009 but we can't wait and want to get married sooner...we considered januray but have been informed the weather will be atrocious! We don't want boiling hot weather but would prefer to avoid rain too...

anyone have any ideas on the driest month??:\?


  • Z750GirlZ750Girl Posts: 2,285
    In the UK, its pot luck what you get on the day I think.
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    Any day/ month you pick will be pot luck....i think your guess is as good as the next brides..!! We're getting married in Aug '08 and are wishing for a sunny day...!?! Fingers crossed for you...xx
  • AndipinkAndipink Posts: 657
    G2B, pick a month, any month!! One of my friend's got married at the beginning of Nov and it was chilly but sunny. Another mid August and it was chilly & rainy!! Take your chances!! I have noticed, however, that every time I go out for my birthday the first Saturday in June, it is always hot & sunny in Surrey!!
  • You really can't guess. I'm a teacher and it always seems to be lovely and warm in june/july in the last few weeks of term. Then when I break up for summer holidays (Aug), it always rains! DON'T QUOTE ME ON IT THOUGH!! xxx
  • May is usally nice and sunny but not too hot
  • Sept Oct is generally good. As far as i can remember the first week in sept is always fantastic cos it was always the time i went back to school!
  • we got married mid June this year and it poured down! You'd think that June and July would be good but not this year!!
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    Who knows, you've just got to take your chances!! Our reception venue has a courtyard bit for arrival drinks and the wedding coordinator said it was only used TWICE during the whole of June, July and August this year, but yet it was used nearly every weekend in Sept and Oct. So I'm hoping next year will be the same, LOL!!
  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    Hiya! Having the same problem! at the moment we are planning 28th June 2009 - but am having second thoughts after the summer have just had! at least if i plan a winter wedding i wont be disappointed if it pours down!! unfortunatly we are having a marquee so it needs to be "ok" !!!

    would have prefered september i think but didnt really want to wait till after the summer!! thought about april as well? as we had an amazing april this yr didnt we?!!

    we also talked about doing it abroad! but same again! look at the weather everywhere this yr!!

  • I'm getting married in October in Scotland so will expect rain and any glimmer of sunshine will be a bonus. I didn't want a summer wedding because then I'd expect sun and it might upset me if it was a cloudy, rainy day. I picked autumn because indoors we can have a lovely roaring fire to keep toasty warm and the colours of the leaves on the trees (and ground) are so pretty and not even rain could spoil that!
  • AlsukAlsuk Posts: 69
    Totally agree Fayzie - any sunshine in October will be a complete bonus for me, I certainly won't be expecting it. Whereas I think if I'd set a summer date, I would have been really disappointed if the sun didn't put in an appearance!
  • katewasskatewass Posts: 1,692
    i personally am having a May weddig in the hope of a sunny day but as this is Britain and so very unpredictable i have decided to make the most of the possibility that it might rain and i am hiring lovely umbrellas to match my wedding theme. I hope i don't have to use them but just in case it does rain, at least everyone will be prepared and matching the theme!
  • rustyboxxrustyboxx Posts: 1,042
    my sister had hers in july this year and it rained the whole day, good job we were inside, i think its pot luck what month you pick, h2b to be picked may as its the month he likes, dunno why seeing as its the end of fooite but oh well

  • sbondxsbondx Posts: 350
    what do u think about marquees tho? we are having our wedding inside (outside if its nicce enough) and then dinner and dancing in a marquee, what if its raining then? how disarstrous will that be?!??

  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    my brother got married feb 3rd and it was so sunny that they had to delay the photos.i got married 20th april and it was hot and sunny all day yet the forecast all week had been fog and ice! and just a couple of weeks later our reception town tewkesbury would have been mum had actually kept a diary for years of when the pink blossom was on the trees so if i ever wanted to get married around then there would be blossom out everywhere!then she got all the met office records from the past 0 years on line and narrowed it down to dates that tied in with the blossom for it being least rainfall as april can be rainy ! i thought there would be rain and planned for it but it was a beautiful day with pink blossom everywhere! my brother had hope to get married in the snow so it shows you never know.just beware if reception is in a flood area really ! xx
  • I wouldn't worry too much about the rain - it rains most months in the UK these days. If you really are worried about it I weould recommend hiring brollies, then no matter what the weather you and your guests are dry. Plus they add a nice touch to a wedding. There are loads of companies out there, just google 'hire wedding umbrella' and loads come up.
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