Anyone used Park Hotel Diss, Norfolk?


I'm thinking of holding my reception at Park Hotel in Diss, Norfolk. Has anyone used this place before? It seems really nice and has been refurbished and the food in the restaurant was good. However my mother-in-law to be wasn't overly keen on the food options. Any help?



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    Hi Claire. Sorry I can't help you re the Park Hotel but just wanted to say hi to a fellow Norfolk bride. I'm getting married at Wymondham Abbey in June next year with a reception at Swanton Morley. How are your plans going and when's the big day? Kate x
  • Hi Kate,

    It's nice to find someone from Norfolk who isn't getting married in Norwich! We thinking May 2009 for the wedding, nothing set in stone as yet, cos we're waiting on the vicar at Elveden to get back to us. It's stressing me slightly, as I just want to get things moving.

    Hope things are running smoothly for you so far!

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    I remember how frustrating it was waiting for the vicar to get back to us as we had decided on a venue and they only had a couple of dates left that we could do (pesky shift worker, with pesky shift working friends). It all came together in the end. We started planning in Jan 07 for a June 08 wedding and it is going soooo fast! Things are running smoothly now - we booked most of the big things within a month or two of booking a date. We booked a lot of things at wedding fayres as they give you discounts for booking there and then. We saved a fair bit that way. Anyway, fingers crossed the vicar gets back to you soon!
  • Good news! I had a call from the vicar and he's prepared to talk dates and pencil us in - one less thing to worry about. Thanks for the tip about the wedding fayres, I'll drag the fiance along to the one at the forum in January. Does it get more fun? I'm quite excited about dress shopping - more so about the bridesmaid dresses weirdly. Where did you go for a dress, or are you still looking?
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    Excellent news about the vicar!! You can actually start to think about things now!!

    To answer your question, I think that. because I have been planning so long, it becomes less fun but more exciting as time goes by!! I really did become Bridezilla when I got engaged, maybe because I never imagined I would be this happy!! We have been to about 5 wedding fayres this year and I have been to almost every dress shop in Norwich!! I then got a bit real when I realised I would have to actually think about a budget - haha! My grown up BM dress I got in the BHS sale - its lovely. We're having a lilac theme and it matches the mens cravats perfectly. I have bought little girls dresses and pageboy suit in Adams sales but I am starting to think I might have to start again with flower girls as one of them has grown rather an abnormal amount recently - ARGH!! Might have to sell the old ones and buy bigger as the range is gone from the shops now!

    I tried almost all the dress shops in the Norwich area I think, Pure, La Creme, Berketex, Pronuptia, Tinkerbelle. Marbellas, Essential Collection, Dreams, and one in Dereham called Amanda's but I ended up back at the first place I went to with the first dress I tried - at Essential Collection (Sussex St,Norwich). Its a Trudy Lee dress and I love it!! I am what they call a "bigger bride" or "larger lady", however you want to put it, I am a "Chubster" so a lot of the dress shops in Norwich insisted on attempting to wedge me into size 10 dresses which was never going to happen! I found the nicest people and biggest range to suit me were at Essential Collection and Dreams in Sprowston. Both don't seem to care what size you are, they just listen to what you like and try and provide it - worked for me!! Other wedding bits I have picked up in sales along the way in places like BHS or from Ebay (a brides dream)!!! Have you started planning any themes or styles yet? (Sorry for the long post!)
  • We now actually have a pencilled in date! Hurrah! So if all goes well it should be 30th May 2009. I know what you mean about the bridezilla thing, my fiance's dad is slightly scared of me and my huge wedding scrapbook. The dress shopping sounds scary! We were very lucky with my younger sister's wedding dress, she's a size 10 and could pretty much fit into every dress she tried on and got one in the first shop we went in. So she will be easily to find a BM dress for. My older sister is a 20/22, so it may be more of a problem! I may be awkard too! I'm only 5' tall and about a 14, so I could end up looking like a squat meringue! I'm glad you yours got sorted, even if it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears! You'd think the shops should realise that every woman is a different shape and size and not just cater for the lucky skinny minnys!

    I think my colour theme may be a deep purple - both sisters approve, but it may change.

    It's nice to be able to talk to someone who's in the same boat, I think a lot of my friends are fed up with me and my wedding talk already and there's still over a year to go!

    Good luck with the flowergirl issue!
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    CONGRATULATIONS on setting a date!!!! You must be chuffed that you can get on now! There is a wedding fayre at the Forum in Norwich on 19/20 Jan, might be worth a look. I might drag him along just to make sure I'm not missing anything - haha!!

    I have had to stop talking to my friends about weddings as I could see them all glazing over!! Luckily, 3 girls I work with are also getting married next summer and I get on particularly well with one of them so we've been into Norwich looking at things and generally talking weddings non-stop!!! I was lucky with my older BM dress. I thought she would be awkward cos she is 6 ft tall without shoes and a size 14-16 but we found a lovely lilac dress in BHS in the summer which had money off and was just long enough if she wears kitten heels. The flower girl dresses are indeed stressing me slightly but all I can do is a wait a few months and see how it goes. Worst case scenario will see me approx £150 on BHS ones and selling the old ones on ebay!! Best case, they will fit! I can't wait for the new BHS wedding stuff to come out in Jan - sad eh!! I will have to be patient. That'll teach me to try and be too over efficient and buy things early!! Your colour scheme sounds lovely. Not sure if I said but we are having lilacs/purples. The wedding party are mainly lilac but we are bringing in purple at the reception with decor and cake ribbons etc. Even the icing on the cookie favours will have each guest's name in purple writing!!! I am a sad case - haha!! Anyway, stay in touch, and keep me posted! Kate x
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