How did you ask your bridesmaids?


How did you ask your bridesmaids if they wanted to be bridesmaids? Any novel ideas?



  • feonaukfeonauk Posts: 281
    same here, i just asked mine as soon as we got engaged!! couldnt wait. However my h2b was undecided for ages so only recently asked his brothers to be best men!

    we went away for the weekend with all the family, and i ordered two tie pins which said 'best man'. on the front on the box we had engraved 'will you be our best man?' i think we ordered them from connick.

    hope this helps, i know studio do some compact mirrors that you can have free engraving on so if you wanted to do the same thing that would be a nice idea. i think they are currently only about 5.99 each so a bargain.

    hope this helps

    love fe xx
  • we had the such lovely ideas of asking our bridesmaids, unfortunately when we came to ask them they informed us that we had both rang them from Barcelona (where we got engaged) and slurred our wishes over the phone to them! We had no recollection of this and put it down to the large measures of spirits you get in Europe! We were a tad nervous when we got home incase we had a bus load of Bridesmaids! We nearly ended up with 2 Best men too!! So the moral of this story is leave your phone at home whilst having a "just got engaged" celebration drink!!
  • HI McG2b .... i have left a message on 'ceremony' thread about humanist celebrant - i am having Linda Britton - she is very good and comes across very warm and friendly when you meet her - most important she doesnt push you into anything.

    On the bridesmaid note - i just asked them both when i was telling them i was engaged. Another friend then begged me to let her be one too when we were both rather sloshed one night. I felt so awkward and pushed into a corner that i ended up saying yes so now i have 3 bridesmaids instead of 2!!

    Needless to say that all 3 are useless and i really should have given it a lot more thought before picking them!

    ah never mind!


  • i have seen some lovely 'will you be my bridesmaid' cards on a website... i'll look up the address again if you like it. I'm going to use those i think just beacuse they'll make a nice momento!!
  • Just looked up the address - i found them on under the wedding party thank-you cards tab.

    Think they are £4.50 each and they do them in a variety of colours.

    Just something a little different!! Although i've found it hard talking to my bridesmaids to be (hopefully!) and not asking them!!

    Let us know how it goes

    S xx
  • Mia09ukMia09uk Posts: 659
    I have so many that I was just going to do it in a joint email image They all know about it anyway!

    The cards are a lovely idea, I suppose I could splash out on some for my nearest and dearest image
  • I gave them this poem in a little box, with their jewellery:

    Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

    You have always been there, you've seen what I've seen.

    You know just who I am and everywhere I've been.

    You're the one who I can turn to, any hour of the day.

    Seems, I only have to think of you and you'll be on your way.

    No matter where life takes me, no matter where I roam.

    When I'm with you my friend, my heart feels right at home.

    So on my wedding day, I will need you more than ever.

    Please say you'll be my bridesmaid now.... and my friend forever

  • I didn't Boo Hoo!!

    We Chose the date and did not announce to our families that we were getting married Until we had placed deposits on Church and Venue to secure date

    However, once we had told our parents i phoned to talk to his Mother and she announced that she had already contacted H2B Aunt (whom he has spoken to twice in the last 7yrs of us being together!!) and told her that her grandchildren My MIL2B's Neices and nephews (H2B's 2nd Cousins) will be bridesmaids and pageboys at OUR Wedding!!!

    Initially i was fuming My H2B's parents secretly ran off and got married did not tell anyone or have family/ friends present So it felt like she was trying to control OUR wedding day and have it the way she feels now she missed out on!!! I didn't let her know how i felt about it My H2B said he would say something but the little ones had already been told and i didn't want to break their little hearts... Now it's grown on me!!
  • AlsukAlsuk Posts: 69
    When I asked my chief BM I just kind of threw it randomly into the conversation - I'd planned out what I was going to say but when it came to it I was just so emotional that it just kind of came out in a rush! Then she started crying and so did I!! image

    Next week I am going to ask one of my friends if her kids will be our page boy and flower girl so I'm hoping to manage to ask her properly!

    And I'm still undecided on having a second adult BM....

  • i've had a pact with my cheif BM for the last 8 years or so that should either of us get married then we'd be bridesmaid. when it came to it, i called her just after we'd got engaged and was hyper. she was so happy - but joked that her and my cousin would've turned up at the church in matching dresses and flowers even if I hadn't asked them!

    people are just happy when you ask them whichever way you do. H2B had asked the bestman and ushers before he asked me - would've been embarrassing if I'd said no!
  • I took a while to think about who I wanted as I was having real trouble deciding.

    I then waited until we were together face to face, this was hard as I don't get to see my female friends very often due to us being all over the country. I then just casually dropped it into the conversation when they wern't expecting. They were both knocked for six and totally over the moon.

    There were a few times I almost faltered and asked them over the phone but I was glad I waited until we were face to face as it was nice seeing their reaction.
  • Katza84Katza84 Posts: 787
    i called my best friend as soon as we got engaged and asked her! i was so so excited..and a lil tipsy too!wouldnt have done it any other way tho
  • katewasskatewass Posts: 1,692
    i'm still waiting to tell mine and it is doing my head in. I am having 4 adult bridesmaids and i have seen or spoken to them all seperately since i decided but i want to tell them face to face and when we are all together. The problem with that is one lives in Wales, one in Kent and the rst of us are in Devon!

    So i am hoping to grab them for a special moment during New Years Eve, ufortunatly we will all be in fancy dress but at least we'll be all together!

    H2B is having 2 best men, his Twin brother and his best mate but again have to wait till they are both together over christmas to tell them.

    I am worried everytime i have a drink with any of them i am just going to blurt it out!
  • I asked my friend over a hot chocolate in a cafe - we nearly ended up scalded! When I asked my sister it was on the phone as I don't see her often. she was very cool about it and said only as long as she wasn't in a puffy pink dress! I'm still debating over whether to ask my other best friend - she's just got divorced so I'm not sure whether it would be appropriate. maybe 2 is enough??
  • How did you pick? I'm so undecided as don't want to offend anyone or leave anyone out but at the same time I don't want 10 bridesmaids! what exactly are their responsibilities?
  • Katza84Katza84 Posts: 787
    i picked my best friend and my sisters. there was some drama with my other friends that id known since school but they got over it in the end and its all ok now! id say deinatly dont ask people cos you dont want to end up offending people
  • We got engaged in Bruges and I sent my big sis a picture message of my ring with 'How do you fancy being a bridesmaid?' underneath... She was so excited and called me straight back! My other bridesmaid it just came up in conversation- I was her bridesmaid this year and we both knew she'd return the favour!
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