flower arranging help needed

Hi everyone

I decided to save some money and make my own flowers etc, very adventurous as I have never done anything like this before! I have sorted pew ends and posies for bridesmaids. I found these quite easy really. Now I am stuck on how to do long display for top table, trailing bouquet for me and display for alter. If anyone could help me or tell me where I could find step be step instructions I would be really grateful. I am getting married in April!!!!!


  • Good on yer Kim! I am doing similar (and wondering if I was go insane in the process!) and have just completed my City and Guilds. Check out your library as there should be some books to help. A good one with all the basic shapes is Teach Yourself Flower Arranging by Judith Blacklock. A traditional top table arrangement is done like a double ended funeral spray but with trailing bits to hang down the front. You could always go modern and have small vases filled with posies along the top table or a trail of petals.

    Where and when is your wedding as I might be able to come and help!
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    Thats wonderful and I bet it saves a fortune.

    Best of luck with it all and I hope you find what you want at the library.

  • Good idea, i have been thinking about this, are you going to use real or silk flowers?

    I searched in google how to make a wedding bouquet etc and it came up with some videos etc, maybe utube would be good?

    i'm just going to have a handtied bouquet and probably use silk flowers but havent decided 100% yet!image


  • Hi girls , haven't been on for days, manic at school. finally finished today. I am using silk flowers which I bought on good old ebay. They are beautiful. Thanks for ideas, will ask my girls about utube and try to make a trip tp library. It certainly seems like it will save money if it all goes well. Fingers crossed. My pew ends have only cost me £2.50 and bms posies only £4 and I have to say they look lovely.

    TOUCHEAWAY that's really lovely of you ,I am getting married on 12th April in Warlingham , Surrey. How about you?
  • your very adventurous!! Is it hard?? I might try, i'm feeling quite inspired now ive read the thread!!

    Is it harder with real flowers?? I know time wise it will be obviously because it'll have to be done on the day or the day before but sorting them out etc...??

    Where would you buy the flowers from?? How many practice runs do you think it would take??

    Sorry if these seem like silly questions but i've never really thought about or done anything like this before!!

    S xxx
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    Well me and cbm decided we'd do the vases for the tables, well she said she would as she's very arty and creative. Me i'm totally useless at stuff like this.

    Anyway how did you decide which flowers you were having for your wedding? Also do you know any good websites that give ideas and pictures pls? I've changed my mind on the flowers i want now!!!

    Thanks for help ladies xx
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