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Hi! I've been engaged for a year and have just started thinking about planning the big day. The only problem is my fiance is incredibly shy and the idea of the actual wedding makes him feel a bit ill! He has pointed out that it isn't the idea of marrying me, just being centre of attention. However, although the date is ages away, I want to get organised and spread the cost as much as possible but it's pretty hard when he is being so illusive - any ideas will be gratefully received! :\?


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    Have you set your heart on a big wedding? If not how about a family wedding only or go away with a couple of people and get married...you could have a party when you come home...h2b might feel this is easier to deal with...! Good luck..xx
  • I think you need to sit him down and found out what he wants. My H2B felt like that and we will have been planning it for a year but I think he wishes we had done it sooner because otherwise there is a big build up. Hope this help , and welcome to the forum.

    Let us know how you get on. xxx
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