Fed up!!

Hi every1, im fed up. me n my h2b r supposed 2 b saving 4 our wedding but it just dosen't seem 2 b going anywhere, ther is always something else that needs paying, bills etc. Our families also dont seem to realise we want 2 get married, yes were engaged but that just seems to be that for them, there is no talking about it, no discussions, nothing. Am i just being selfish? Not even my bridesmaids seem 2 wanna talk about anything, i just wanna run away and do it on our own but i dont think thats going 2 happen either. Sorry for having a rant but i didnt no who else i could talk 2. xxx :\(


  • hiay mrspking,

    I felt like that when me and partner started looking around for venues. Even now a few months after we annoced date, my parents dont seem bothered and my partners mum seems to just want to ignore the fact. But i said to my partner i dont care if thats how they wanna be coz its mine and partners day not there. As for savings join the club, i though id have loads saved i have nothing with christmas and loads of bills every penny is spent but look on the brightside, YOUR GETTING MARRIED! and no matter what no1 can take that away from you. Also with regard to your bridesmaids, 1 is my couisen and she hasnt even asked nethink and avoids any conversation about my day, my 2nd is my best m8 n shes same along with my third bm whos going abroad for a holiday the day we were sposing to get the dress fitting! but i can to the conclution that it is christmas and everyone is busy at this time of year so let everyone get christmas over then reannouce your wedding date. Everything will fall into place, good luck xx
  • Thats a really great idea. we never really announced our engagement properly, just telling nearest and dearest, so mayb a proper announcment after xmas will mayb make people more interested. my BMs r my 2 sisters and cousin i thought they would b excited at the prospect and was even going 2 pay 4 us 2 go 2 the wedding show in march but their just not interested, am i just been bridezilla?

    Maybe i should reconsider my BMs? o i just dont no, AAARRRGGGHHH. lol

  • Hey i think you should see what happens with your potentional bms after christmas if nothing changes then reconsider your choice after all you can involve your sisters & couisen in another part of the day, but also i read a tip in a wedding mag, "dont expect your bm's to be as excited as you" so just enjoy your planning make an accoucment and enjoy, when are you planning on getting married?
  • were planning on 2009, when we have the money, weve just moved house so thats taking up most of our money at the moment. Yeah i think ur right about my bms, i shouldnt expect them 2 b as excited as me but a little enthusiam isnt much to ask is it?

    were thinking of having a party now to coincide with our announcement, we know its a few months after but who doest love a good party.

  • Hi, my parents ask about the wedding a lot. But have to say I am shocked in general by how little friends ask. I'm getting used to it, most of my friends are single so I guess they don't get it.

    So, we're running away and only having 4 guests. All four guests ask all the time, and I now couldn't care less about anyone else.

    As long as you and H2B know it is real and you're excited, that's all that really counts. Although I totally appreciate its not very nice x
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    arwww dont people piss u off!! sorry 4 language.. well we are all here to talk to u whenever u want about weddings. one of my mates is great we do wedding stuff together all the time as she is getting married in 2009 . so thats nice,, but one of my longest friends ive known 4 20 yrs dosent seem interested. and im arranging my wedding on my own parents both sides are dead, the only reason im able to get married nxt yr as i have been engeged 8yrs is because my dad died this year and i have some inheritance money ,,, hope things get better soon love and hugs xx
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    I've found that no one is excited about my wedding except for me because it is so far away (2010). I keep thinking 'arghhh only 2 and a half years, got to get saving!' and everyone else is like 'oh you've got plenty of time!'

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    Hi Aimoff

    Its surprising how quickly the time will fly for you. You really have to start planning what you want and decide to stick to a budget.

    Every penny counts.

    The difference with my situation compared to yours is I am the laid back one about it all and everyone is saying have you done this and that yet?

    Unfortunately once we book the venue time is of the essence because it will be next year when we speak to the registrar and hope to get married in the March (hospital appointments permitting).

    We don't know how long we will have together but whatever time we have will be extremely happy.

    To make life easier for me I have ordered silk flowers from ebay (you can't get them cheaper from florists unless a member of your family is a florist and prepared to give them to you).

    Every guest will have a silk buttonhole to go to the reception with and will be able to keep them.

    All our gift list is going to charity (they have all been informed).

    As for the dress have to have confirmation of venue and then its off to London I go to get it as I have been given a designer to make my dress for me.

    I can't believe my luck this year. This time last year I was devastated now I am on the up well and truly.

    I hope your wedding plans progress as well as mine have.

    Best wishes.

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    hi , noticed this thread ,

    im my experience (7 months of planning ) people dont really get excited until real close to the day.

    dont be disheartend by the lack of interest , you have enough excitment for everyone .

    i helped my mum and my mate plan their weddings and to be honest while i was helpful in working out colour schemes etc i wasnt really that excited /interested until the hen nights then i couldnt wait .

    as for the saving , the time goes really fast and before you now it you have no time left to save up a hell of a lot of money , i find that saving up for one thing at a time helps ,and any extra pennies in a jar.

    ebay is very good for finding stuff cheap .

    keep your chin up xxxx
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