Engagement Parties

What are people's views on engagement parties?

I got engaged two weeks ago and we have a set a date in June 2010.

I quite fancy having one in January but some friends think they are a rubbish idea.

any thoughts??


  • I think they are nice, especially as you not having the wedding for a while, doesnt have to be a mega party but any excuse to get all your friends together is a good one!image
  • I got engaged in august, but unfortuanatly we never got the chance to have a party, we were thinking of having one in january. I no its a few months past but i love parties, i think its a great idea.

  • AlsukAlsuk Posts: 69
    I think it's a great idea if you're not getting married for a while. We got engaged in Oct and are getting married in Oct next year, so I just felt it was a bit cheeky to have a party that people would feel obliged to bring a pressie to, and then expect them to shell out to come to the wedding and buy wedding pressies less than a year later!

    Having one in Jan will be good though as everyone always has the post Xmas blues, so it's always nice to have a party to look forward to!!
  • I just got engaged last Sunday and getting married August next year. My h2b and I were already having a joint birthday party in January so have just rolled it all into one big party. I'm sure if our birthdays weren't coming up we'd still have had an engagement party anyway! A great way to celebrate your excitement!
  • Thanks everyone.

    Its actually my birthday tomorrow and as its so near christmas we are not having a party or anything this year so I could make it part birthday part engagement.

    We are gonna make some calls over the next wek and see if there are any good venues but I think we are gonna have one now.

    many thanks and wishing you all a very merry christmas.

  • I had a massive engagement party and we loved it!! We got engaged in Mexico so had a Mexican theme, it was alot of hard work but was great fun. I have to say with most things when you ask friends about wedding stuff and you get a negative answer I just wonder if people are jealous. Why on earth would an engagement party be a bad idea, any excuse for a party.....surely!!!

    Have fun and happy christmas
  • Thats my thinking to but I have some rather tight friends who probably are just thinking 'more money!! Bless them..

    I certainly won't be doing it for cards or presents just to get everyone together to celebrate with us.

    I love the idea of having it themed. thats great.

    Plus it gives me something to plan before i start planning the wedding - 2.5 years away!!!

    thanks very much

  • You MUST have an engagement party. =D We got engaged in August and had our party in November (had to give some members of family time to book weekend off work, as they live away from us), and it was sooooooooo much fun.

    PLUS you get loads of cool presents. Someone bought us an HD/digital-ready 42" flat-screen TV!!


  • We had a very intimate family party as OH was very ill at the time, but all our friends sent us gifts even though we told them not to! We loved having our close family around us and it was a lovely way to celebrate the engagement.
  • Pr1nces5Pr1nces5 Posts: 2,581
    We had one, we got engaged dec 05 and had it march 06, we get married aug 08. It was a way for us to have a laugh with our friends and family and to celebrate!!!

    Plus got loads of cash/vouchers and presents, certsainly set us up in our home!
  • We got engaged at the begining of dec, and are having our party on 12th jan, think its a great way to get both famiies together before the big day, to meet and greet.

    We cant wait to show every one how excited we are.

    We also have told people who have asked that we dont want a present.
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Hi i got engaged last august and we had an engagement party in october, i didnt really want one but my friends insisted! it was a great excuse for a get together! x x
  • i got engaged 23rd nov and i was thinking about a party but with it being christmas and everyone being busy, then in jan everyone is skint because of xmas then in feb, april then may family babies are due so it ment waiting till june! and i felt that it'd be a waste of time in june. so i has close family over to the house on the 22ns dec for both families to get to meet each other n that was it. we dont live together yet so i didnt want presents because its a waste of time at the moment. i'm happy everyone now knows each other and they all get on. cant wait to start planning the wedding now! yipeeee xx
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