hello :-)

Hi ladies,

I'm new on here so thought I would say hello to everyone image

We got engaged last christmas so after getting our venue booked and date set this year has been a bit lacking in wedding planning, but all is set to change in 2008!

We are getting married 7th December 2008 and are having a winter wonderland themed wedding.

I look forward to talking to you all and sharing lots of tips and ideas as at the moment I am lacking inspiration!



  • Welcome to the forum twinkle_bride! Good luck with your wedding plans! Don't worry you'll get plenty of ideas and inspiration here! Love Lindsay x
  • welcome! everyone on here is really helpful! You'll soon sort everything out xxxxx
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    hi hunny welcome aboard xxxxxxxxx
  • hey, i'm a newbie too, only been engaged 3 weeks. all very exciting!! this is the best website!!

    Ab xx
  • helloooo, me a newbie too, got engaged 23rd nov. im sooo hyper and excited with it all xxx
  • congratulations!! do you have a date?!?! i didn't realise there was so much to think about!!!

    very hyper too!!

  • Hi, welcome newbies.

    You'll be addicted before you know it x
  • we have decided on 10th april 2010 but haven't booked anything yet, going to do that in january.

    what about u have u set a date? how did he propose?

  • i like the idea of 2010 as its sounds such a cool year!! we are looking at the 23rd May 2009 as that is the anniversary of when we got together and we'll have been together 5 years then so it's quite special! i have somewhere in mind though so it depends on if it is available!!

    proposal was nothing spectacular, i knew it was coming as i chose the ring!!! and yours?

  • We were in paris for our 5th yr anniversary and it was amazing, i wouldnt of changed it for the world. i picked my ring about 4 month before we got engaged we were only looking but i didnt know at the time that i was secretly picking it. so i was mighty pleased when i got the ring that i fell in love with.

    soonest we can get married is 2010 image h2b doesnt start work till sept 08 so by time 09 comes we wont have a house yet so 2010 to make it a safe option. plus my sister is having a baby so by time 2010 comes itl be 2 which is perfect for being a flowergirl.

    we thought about getting married on our anniversary but nov is always so rainy and cold and windy image but it would of been really special.

    how old r use? where use from?

  • wow that sounds amazing, in Paris too so you'll be able to go back and will always remember how special it was. bless it sounds lovely. it's lovely he picked the ring you wanted too!! Brian did try for mine bless him but the jewelery shops round here aren't great!

    i've just been reading about the money etc... it's going to be hard for us too - it's so expensive!!! that's great your sisters little girl will be the right age to be flower girl, that's one thing we don't have all the children in our family are boys!!

    I am 26 and from near Cambridge. you?

  • im 22 and hes 24 and were from glasgow.

    im going to keep it simple and have my 2 sisters and my sisters little girl who is 3 just now and the new baby.

    was thinkin of having my sister in laws wee girl and there babies coz there due feb and may but then it just gets too complicated and the house will become so over crowded on the day.least if its within the family you'se can agree a little bit better on stuff.

    i know it seems so expensive, and we wanted to go to the maldives for our honeymoon, i just priced it and its 6k!!!

    we are lucky enough that we will be getting money from both sets of parents and the money together is enough that we wont need to add to it. we are really fortunate because we are both 1 of 3 in our families so its kinda like we get the same as our sisters were given, but we are just fortunate that we have money coming from both sets of parents unlike when it was there turn.

    have you thought of any colours or vanues or dresses?

  • i wish i was still 22!! Brian is 30 - think he's worried about getting old ;o)

    you can get really complicated with bridesmaids!! i have my bro's girlfriend, my best friend and another friend - all over 20's!! would like a little flowergirl too but i'm not sure who i'd have!!

    i guess if you don't have to add to the wedding money you can save to pay for a fab honeymoon!!! we want to go to Mauritius and i think that'll be just as expensive!! we are also very lucky as i am the only girl (it's just me and my bro) and Brian's family don't have any girls and his bro isn't married so we're the first ones too and everyone wants to help so we're really lucky too. just had all the parents round for christmas day and there was lots of wedding talk which was good.

    i want yellow bridesmaids, as it'll be spring or if not then pale pink. venue is the Temple - is my friends Dad's house and it's amazing, i just hope they are free on the 23rd May 09. i like a dress in this months edition of this magazine, but it's got a collar and i can't have a collar if ihave my hair how i want it, plus it's probably mega bucks!!! i haven't really looked much - wanted to get Christmas out the way first!!!!

    You? you getting married in Glasgow? i have family who live in Glasgow - fingers crossed they'll come down for my wedding!!

  • i know we are so lucky, but when we start booking up stuff the money will just fade away!

    i want a pale pink for the girls with white roses, and a white dress for me with pink roses!

    im hoping to go to mauritius this august it is so expensive but i got a lil payrise and want to treat myself,hee hee. i love going long haul holidays coz once you got kids it becomes too hard, we've been to mexico and dom rep and i just love the white sand and and blue blue sea.

    we are hoping to get married in the chapel that my h2b goes to then have the reception in the glenskirlie in the castle, but i think there booked years in advance so i hope that they have my date free or i will have to shuffle the chapel date.

    i just cant wait its soooo exciting.

  • wow that sounds amazing, that's a great thing about being in Scotland, you have castles!!

    we went to Barbados in the summer this year, it was fantastic!! i can't wait to go again, but it'll be after the wedding now!!!

    well good luck, i hope you get the place you want!!

  • i loooove holidays so much. we been to cancun twice and playacar in mexico and in dominican been to punta cana and costa dorada. so this year where were in a bit of a dilema as to where to go. we dont fancy cuba and he thought somewhere in the indian ocean would be nice. i'd like to go to the maldives this summer but id prefer just to wait till 2010 and pay more for the water villa coz i think itd b bliss.mauritius and the seychelles look fab too.

    where about did you stay in barbados?

    where else have you been?

    do you and your h2b live together?

  • you've been to loads of places - are you a travel agent!!!!!

    we stayed at Turtle beach, we only went for a week and realised that was a big mistake when we arrived - two weeks would have been much better!! it was amazing - the beach was lovely and the room was massive.

    we haven't been long haul together before we normally go to the Canaries. we went to Barbados as i had loads of airmiles so it didn't cost us much. i've been to LA lots for work and Las Vegas but that's about it really Florida when i was 13!! you must have a well paid job!! i don't like flying!!

    yes we do live together, we used to rent a flat but bought a house last feb, it was the best thing we ever did, we used to argue lots but haven't argued once since we got our house!!!

    Do you live together?

  • awe thats so nice that you'se live together. i wish we could live together but with him still being at uni its not practical at the moment and them with his job that he starts in sept he will move about for about a year image

    nope im not a travel agent, i would love to be though. i love holidays, i save up all year so that we can have a perfect holiday, its the only time we ever get 2 weeks of being alone of complete bliss! think we can only afford hols like to coz we dont have bills and mortgages to pay,lol. want to do as much as i can before we become skint and cant afford holidays.

    My job is not to bad paid, but i dont really mind about the money because i love it and i think that it means so much more then money because you spend so much time there.

    i just cant wait until his training finishes in hos job so he gets a location and we can go buy a house, but only prob is i might need to leave my job depending on where he is based. but i knew that would happen 5 years ago so im ready for it but it will prob still be a shock when the time comes.

    whats your ring like?

  • i wrote a huge reply and my computer crashed so it didn't post. anyway my ring is beautiful it's platinum with an emerald cut diamond and i love it!!! what's yours like?

  • i love my ring too. its so important though coz you'l wear it for life. i got a platinum ring too my diamond is round brilliant cut so its all sparkly. i tried on loads but i wanted one that a wedding band would fit perfectly underneath my sis has a princess cut and needed her band made special. my ring is quite high set so it catches on quite a lot.

    make sure you get insurance for your ring.

    this site seems to be really slow at loading up for me image
  • sounds lovely!! you're right about being able to get a wedding band to sit against it. mine is quite high too so a band will rest against the ring rather than the diamond which is cool. mine was 5 sizes too big until xmas eve and it's still a bit loose but i'm sure in the summer it'll be tight.

    I'm going to add it to our house insurance!! one good thing about house insurance!!!!

    it's slow for me too, i guess it's late and the site may be getting tired ;o)

  • i just love enagagement rings, they all looked so beautiful in the window, so sparkly, but when you get to try them on you know what one is the one.

    mine is a lil big too but i think its just coz its cold, in the summer itl prob b stuck on my finger.

    have you seen any dresses that you like?

  • yes i think you're right summer will be better for the rings to fit properly it's been so cold lately!!

    yes i saw a dress i fell in love with in this magazine, but i bet it's really expensive!! you?

  • i have seen beautiful bridesmaid dresses! i think i kinda have an idea in my head of what i would like but i haven't seen it yet. im not very big so i dont want it to swamp me. and h2b doesnt want the dress to be too sticky outy.

    i have loadsa magazines, im going to create a scrapbook of ideas so that i get it perfect. coz once you get so many magazines you cant remember what one had the thing in it that your looking for.

    i think im getting my sisters veil and tiara for whan i get married so itl be nice to have something borrowed!

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