Only engaged 4 days & already going wedding crazy

Hi everyone - I got engaged on Xmas eve (4 days ago) to Michael who I met 3 years ago in New Zealand we have been living in the UK since and we will get married in Ireland (my home) in 2009.

All my life I imagined myself getting married abroad on a nice beach etc - never saw myself doing the big white wedding. It's amazing how quickly things change - in the space of 4 days I have changed my mind & now I really want the big day out.

Anyways thats enough about me - I'm finding this site excellent for all the tips & questions that I have.

Thanks to all.


  • Congratulations and welcome!!

    Great site to which I and many others are completely addicted....but a wonderful place to talk and ask about weddings and not get those raised eyebrows...
  • Hi Shellielm, and congratulations! WHat a great Christmas pressie! I don't post a great delaon here (though am starting to now as I only have 6 months to go) but everyone is really nice and very helpful! Where in Ireland are you thinking of getting married? My H2B's Mum is Irish (lives in Co Mayo)and we thought about doing it out there but most people live over here.
  • congrats this website is excellent you get so many good ideas and good shops to go to
  • congrats this website is excellent you get so many good ideas and good shops to go to
  • Thanks Gembo - I am also from Mayo & that is where we are looking. (most guests will be from Ireland as I have a huge extended family - my H2B has a small family)

    It will be fun organising it all from the UK - thank god I have a Mum that will be delighted to get stuck in...............
  • Congratulations and welcome!

    I'm newly engaged too, Bonfire Night, and have also thrown myself into wedding plans! The day after we got engaged I went out and bought every wedding magazine I could lay my hands on! I've toned it down a little this month and have only bought two, but who knows once I get the bug again....

    There's no shame in being excited about being engaged, I's still obsessed! I've turned into a Bridezilla and we're not getting married till 2011! Just enjoy it, you only get to do this once so savour every minute! image
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    congratulations on your engagement and i hope that you enjoy planning wedding as much i have.

    Only 190 days to go!!
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