Just got engaged..I'm so excited!!!

My other half proposed on xmas eve..so xmas couldn't have been any btr for me hehe. Don't really know where to start with the wedding planning though. Hope to get married in july/august 2010. :\)


  • Congratulations, and welcome to this site. What ever help you need there will always be someone to help you on here. You are proberly best looking for a venue first they book up so quickly, also decide wether you want a church or civil cermony. Good luck with your planning.

  • Welcome! Everyone here is sooooo helpful! Its like having a wedding co-ordinator for free! If you are on a tight budget, def check out the 'best buys' thread xxxxx
  • Hello!!

    This site is great, everyone is really friendly and helpful... and full of great ideas. I'm hoping to get married on the 6th August 2010 in Leeds, where abouts are you hoping to get married??
  • hi there.


    I got engaged on the 1st Dec and am wedding crazy already and like Mrs Hampson2b we are not getting married until 2010 either.

    Be warned this site it so addictive!!! Its friday night and my H2B is out with his Dad and I am sat here talking to other b2b and loving it.

    just enjoy every minute of it!

  • Congrats!!!!

    Thats about when Im getting married image lots of time to save the pennies image

    love Cassie xxx
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