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I'm new to this. Got engaged nearly a month ago, and was quite happily thinking we had loads of time (getting married April 2009) UNTIL I thought about wedding dresses. Aren't all the big sales in January? It'd come in really handy to catch them, but is it far too early to be looking for a dress? If I leave it until next January It'll be really late and I'll probably be panicking! Should I get looking this Jan? Help! Has anyone got any advice?


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    hi FutureMrsScott, its never too early to look for dresses, im getting married in 2010 and i ordered mine last month image (i like to be organised)

    im not sure on the sales but if you leave the dress til next Jan it may be a bit too close to your wedding but i suppose if you know exactly what you want by then, it might work. sorry if this isnt helpful but im sure someone else will comment and know exactly what theyre talking about image im so full of wedding stuff i tend to talk gobbldy gook lol
  • Hi, with wedding dresses the new collections come out in September for most designers and this is when you will find old season samples being sold off.....

    but in reality if you want the dress of your dreams in your choice of size and colour then the sales aren't the answer!

    Once you find the dress you want then shop around on the internet and check the prices in different shops. I saved about £400 on my dress by buying online, and lots of girls have bought from USA to save money (just remember to add the shipping cost and 30% to the total for the customs charges!!)

    Also ask about the cost of extras you might need like petticoats and alterations as this can make a difference to the price.

    Most of all try on lots don't get rushed into a choice and have fun.
  • Thanks guys! Think I might start trying to work out what kind of dress I'd like. Fab news about the September sales, didn't know about them! Think u may well have a point about sales not always being the answer though gimmiethatdress.. I'll def shop around the internet before buying... now I've just got to find the perfect dress!- eeek! Have u both got yours?
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    You could always get a few you like and then see if any of them are in the jan sales?? I have no idea where to start - me and my H2B are having a proper dance so i cant really have a train ....... also if you order on the net does it normally come in the correct size or as near too??
  • Hmmm, we're supposed to be having a proper 1st dance too, but I've always wanted a train! I think loads of them have a little loop on your arm that u can sweep it up with, just for the dance...maybe that could work? Is so exciting to think about starting finding dresses! Am only a bit scared that I'll find one too early, get it and then find one that I wish I'd bought instead! Blimey- can't believe I'm worrying about that when it hasn't even happened!
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    The only thing is my sis had a hoop for her train but it kept falling down and even though her first dance was quite slow it broke and fell off mid dance and the groom kept tripping up - i dont even know what style i want!!!!! Argh im so bad with clothes anyway lol
  • Oh no!! U just don't expect that! God there is so much to think about! Btw, am also having a bridesmaid dilemna. Are married people supposed to be bridesmaids? Looks like I might end up having loads (if I ask family members AND my 2 best friends) but I don't want it to look tacky!
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    married people are normally matrons of honour - although my 'evil' sis is being my bridesmaid and not matron of honour...
  • Yeah- my married sis is refusing to be called 'Matron!' U think they'd just get on with it!!
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    Haha chief Bridesmaid?? Or Maid of Honour?? Or witness?? Just changed the name image Arent married sisters the worst!!! :P
  • a decent seamstress will put hooks and eyes or a button and loop under the train so you can lift it into a bustle for dancing, just brings the train up so it is the same length as the back...

    This was my proper dress, but in gold
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