Woohoo! I'm engaged!! need help with dress though!

Have been secretly looking at wedding sites for months but can now do it openly cus I'm engaged!!! H2b proposed on Christmas Eve and couldn't be happier.

Have done lots of planning already. Found and booked our church, and now deciding between a reception in a country pub or our home...

Fortunately/unfortunately I have completely fallen in love with the first dress I've tried on... eek! Wouldn't be too much of a problem if it wasn't so darn expensive imageops: What do I do?! Think who cares, ditch the morals and buy it anyway, or accept that I shouldn't spend so much on a dress I'll only wear once?!! Help!

xxx xxx


  • Well unfortunately its one of those things where its up to you ( but too be honest Im having the same problem!)

    First I would look at other sites to see if there is a dress similar or see if there is a dress maker who could make it for you but cheaper.

    If that is the dress you really want I would talk to your h2b and/or relatives about it but remember this is a special day for you so try lots of dresses on and look at other dresses before deciding so you dont regret choosing the wrong one.

    Personally I would try to find a way to get my dress but if you feel it is too much over budget and you cant cut down on anything try to find a similar cheaper dress

    Hope this helps xxxxx
  • congratulations coco25!!

    you're very organised! i'm the same as you - my h2b proposed on the 26th december but i've been secretly looking at wedding stuff for ages, but haven't booked anything yet. When are you getting married?

    how much over budget are we talking for your dress? if its not by too much i'd go for it personally, but maybe have a shop around on the internet and things coz you could find the same one or one very similar for cheaper. possibly a second hand one? ebay is great and apparently oxfam do really good bridal shops though not sure where i'm afraid!

    Laura xxx
  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    Thank you for your replies lauramints and lil-pixue.

    I went to see more dresses yesterday but still haven't found anything that comes even close to the first dress!! Aaargh! I've also searched Ebay, all the second hand dress websites, and been to Oxfam Bridal!

    It's quite ironic really- I'm a real bargain queen (shop at primark, h & m etc) yet I'm probably going to end up buying a dress a thousand pounds over budget! All those pennies saved at Primark all these years will come in useful now image)

    Getting married in August (so very soon relatively speaking). Ceremony in a beautiful Church in Windsor then hopefully a reception in a country pub! How about you? Congratulations by the way!! xxxx

  • so what is the dress? we all love having a hunt for people....may find a cheaper version for you!!

    Of course if it really is 'the one' try to save elsewhere in the budget......
  • oooooh i got engaged on xmas day and just like you guys ive been looking at wedding stuff for ages! we've booked the church and looking at venues this weekend, but im so scared to try any dresses on incase i dont like any of them or love everyone of them...plus ive no idea what i wanna look like...are the girls in the bridal shops helpful?? i'd hate it if they were all snobby!!!

    back to the topic...i think if the dress is a bit expensive i'd have a look round incase you see another you like or a similar one, by then at least you'll know that the 1st one is defo the one for you or not and you can then look at stretching your self!!!

  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    Oh well... so much for the budget! Have bought the dress! Went to see it today and loved it just as much. I can really recommend House of Fraser Bridal Room on Oxford St in London - the ladies are very down to earth (not snobby at all) and loads of choice.

    So, now have to live on bread and water for the next few months... xxx
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    coco25 - hate to be a pain as I know it is so close to your wedding day!

    Is there any chance you can email me via my email button - I have a question and I could do with your advice!

    Many thanks!

    STBAM x
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