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HELP...STILL cant find my venue!

Hi Girls,

Im hoping someone will be able to help me out of what feels like a crisis!

I got engaged on 2nd Nov, Ive booked the church for June 2009 but cant find my reception venue!

The church is in Harrow, Middlesex which also borders NW London and Hertfordshire. Not sure if we can look much further than 30 mins from the church as people will need to travel.

Any advice/recomendations will be greatfully recieved and help me sleep at night image


  • Why dont you go on to type in Wedding Venues then Harrow and it will bring up alot of suggestion. Idont know what sort of thing you had in mind, Im getting married in a castle but you may be looking into a smaller venue or a larger one where you need to hirer a hall which you could decorate to your own requirement - any way good luck and let me know how you get on
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    You could always look a little further away and consider providing coach for your guests? They're really not that expensive - i hired one for a party a few yrs ago....

    Plus, remember that people WILL travel to be there on your special day! Good luck! :\)
  • Jo_KJo_K Posts: 26
    Hey - you've probably booked your venue by now but I thought I'd suggest Bushey Country Club. I've just booked it for my reception in Sept 2009 - it's lovely, just been renovated image And a very reasonable price! x
  • emmascan101emmascan101 Posts: 1,495
    we went to see a place called the cavendish near harrow it seemed nice, not sure if it would be fully booked though we also saw the grange in rickmansworth road which was nice with a marquee for dining
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