FEB 2008 Brides!

Hello there everyone,

anyone tying the knot Feb 2008? I am getting married 9th Feb 2008 and i can't wait to make the man of my dreams my husband!

Im enjoying planning and orghanising already. We are having a civil ceremony at Oulton Hall in Leeds, in the winter. We have already booked out venue, and designed our own personal wedding website which was great fun. We have chosen our main attendants as well as pondered over lots of other decisions already. People seem to think im a bit premature with my organising but a wedding takes a lot of organising, and we also live in London but are marrying in Leeds. WOuld love to hear from anyone getting married at a similar time



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    Hiya, we were thinking all along of getting married in June 2008 but after thinkin some more about it we have decided to get married in March 2008. We went out for a lovely walk today and had a chat about who h2b will have as ushers, etc. We've just about decided on which venue we're having, going to book in the next six weeks - they've got bookings up until 2009 worryingly enough!!

    People seem to think we're being a bit premature too - people who've never planned a wedding a hasten to add, but what can you do if your dream venue/church/photographer/etc is booked up for the next three years?!

    Are you worried about the weather at all? I'm hoping for a lovely Spring day of course, we joked about hiring a lamb or squirrel to make a cameo across the lawn whilst we're eating dinner. You know, just to get in the spirit of Spring n'all lol. I guess you can only tell yourself that you can never guarantee the weather here anyway.
  • cales99cales99 Posts: 11

    Not too worried about the weather as we will be having our civil ceremony in the same hotel as the reception. The grounds outside are spectaular so we wolud love some outdoor pics if the weather is obliging! I guess in this country you take the chance getting married in August as we never know what the weather will be like.

    We decided to stay over in the hotel the night before too, so we can make use of the facilities the day beofre and seperatly the morning of the wedding.

    Myself and my husband to be are both horse lovers so we joked about getting my horse to pull me to the hotel! We decided against this and we will now name our tables after horses instead, as well as sprinkling some silver horse confetti in our invitations too.

    ANy more ideas?
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    Hi Cales99,

    Feb 9th 08 was my original date, as it is two years to when we got engaged, but I brought it a couple of months forward to Nov 07 a little while back.

    We could have been wedding twins - I don't think I have one now!!
  • cales99cales99 Posts: 11
    Hi JM,

    I'm sure you will have a wedding twin out there somewhere!! November 2007 will be great, such a lovely time of year.

    How romantic to choose the original date from when you got engaged. My H2b ran me a lovely bath with scented candles, gave me champagne, then when i got out of the bath he proposed ( i looked so elegant with the towel wrapped around my head).

  • Hi

    I'm getting married on the 8th feb 08 also at Oulton. Have just finalised date and I'm so excited. It just seems so far away at the moment!

  • Hello watters

    how exciting, we are getting married at the same venue, and at such a close time too. I am so impressed with the venue, and the staff are so helpful already. It is a while away yet, but still loads of planning and organising to do. Are you have a big wedding, are you having a civil ceremony at oulton?cales99
  • Hi

    We're having a really small civil wedding in the library at Oulton.

    I went to a wedding fayre a couple of weekends ago and they had the room all set out for dinner and it looked beautiful. Really stunning.

    Which room are you using?

    I agree that the staff are great and can't do enough for you - its so friendly.

    Have you chosen a photographer yet? We're just starting to look for one now. I'd appreciate info on any good ones you find.

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    hi girls we are getting married 16th feb 2008 we chose this date as we will have bee together 8 yrs the day we marry i thought it would be easier for h2b as he will only have 1 anniversary to remember not 2 lol. we have booked the church and going to see the people where we want are reception in january but they have got are date down and wont give it to anyone else! we are having the reception at are local cantanese restaurant as they have a big room upstairs that we are using and they do wonderful food and the only people out the 70 we are inviting in the day who dont like cantonese food are the new in laws lol but there will be english food aswell! we are having the evening reception at the quality hotel in ashbourne! im so excited i cant wait! xxxx
  • Hi Watters,

    we are having the Oulton Suite as we have approx 165 people coming!

    I was really upset in missing that fayre as i had my parents down for the weekend (i live in london), but i think there will be a few more before our big day.

    i rang up a photographer for a brochure but they never sent me one back which isnt a great sign! The website is www.creativeweddingsjb.co.uk, i saw them in a bridal shop and they made up small books with wedding photos in that looked really good!

    We decided not to have a video, but to spend the extra money on the photographs. We dont need to fret about transport either as we marry and have the reception all at oulton hall. We are all staying over the friday night before so i might even get a peep at you and your husband!!!

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    I am getting married 8th Feb 2008, orinally booked it for 9th (6 years to the day we met) but, and this is very unromantic, but practical, it was loads cheaper to do it on the Friday.

    We are getting married at a place called Quendon Hall, near Stansted.

  • did you know there was a forum for 2008 brides now? haven't got our own individual months yet but can start threads for them!!! come and join us we are a bit lonely!!

    Sian x x x
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