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Just wondered if there were any brides 2 b from the tayside/angus area out there? Mu h2b & I simply cannot find a venue we both like! Help! Any ideas would be fantastic

Thanks inadvance image


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    I'm from the area but live in Glasgow now (although am getting married abroad). Not sure what you're looking for e.g. Castle, hotel, etc, or what you're budget is but I've been to nice weddings in the Woodlands Hotel in Monifeith and Huntingtower Castle just outside Perth (the reception was in the hotel). My brother is getting married in Fernie Castle in Fife and is putting a bus on for guests - that looks really nice too. Finally, I looked into Crieff Hydro a while back and that looked nice too.

    Good luck with your search for a venue.


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  • lornawlornaw Posts: 17

    Thanks for the ideas. I'd heard of Huntingtower but never been, I shall have to call them & see if we can look around. I hadn't heard of Fernie Castle though. The website is interesting & I'll definitely give them a ring too.

    Thanks so much x
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    Hi Lorna, I got details for Fernie castle and its absolutely gorgeous.... was a bit to costly for the numbers we wanted to have tho, but would love to spend the night there in theri tree house and have dropped massive hints to my h2b lol for an anniversary he he

    Julie x
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    The Tree house looks great doesn't it Jules. My brother and his B2B aren't using it cos it's so expensive and offered it to me and my h2b but we're not even spending that on 5 nights accommodation in Italy each so think we'll pass!!

    Lorna - meant to say that if your getting married at Huntingtower Castle then there is a strict limit on the amount of people who can come to your actual ceremony. When I went to my friends it was just her family who saw her get married and we welcomed them back to the hotel with a champagne reception.
  • jules0112jules0112 Posts: 693
    Yeah mrsetobe its brill but very expensive, I also looked at crieff hydro lol I think i looked at nearly every hotel in Scotland lol H2b worked away during the week and would come home and say how many to look at this weekend then lol the pile was massive!

    We are now getting married at Hetland Hall in Dumfries, its lovely, website doesnt actually do it justice.

    Are you getting married in Italy then mrsetobe?

    Julie x
  • lornawlornaw Posts: 17
    Hi Julie,

    Didn't realise it was so pricey!! It seems a lot for one day...Thanks for the heads-up on this!

    Lorna x
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    Yeah - getting married at Lake Garda next August. Didn't want to have a huge wedding and was at a wedding in Italy last year and loved it. Inviting 50 to my wedding and I guess around 40 will come. When's your big day?
  • jules0112jules0112 Posts: 693
    oh lovely, I am 01/09/07, seems ages away, we are having about 80 guests all day and night. having a buffet on the friday night and then wedding saturday and breakfast with everyone on Sunday.

    Can't wait seems so far away.

    Jules x
  • Hi

    I stay in Perth and am getting married at Solsgirth House nr Dollar. We looked at Drumtochty castle which was lovely, but a bit too far for us. Murrayshall in Perth is really good - great meal, accomodation and lots of space to dance. We were at a wedding there in July and had a great day. Balbirnie (Markinch) also quite nice. We are going to a wedding at Piperdam in a couple of weeks - if i remember i'll let you know how it goes as its up your way.

    Good Luck - we had a nightmare picking a venue - you'll know it when you see it
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    Hi MrsK2b. Thanks for your ideas. My in-laws 2b are dropping serious hints about Guthrie Castle nr. Forfar but the cost is astronomical!!!

    Would certainly consider somewhere near Perth & as a matter of fatc have just discovered Balgonie Castle nr Markinch so the Balbirnie might be great for the reception so thanks again for the info.

    Its hard work getting started isn't it!!

    L x
  • Hi there, I'm getting married in Guthrie Castle in Angus next August - the surroundings are amazing and the garden is awesome - we've decided to get married outside in the gardens - it's a bit expensive but no more so that other places - the cost you have to bear in mind does cover overnight accommodation in the cottages for over 14 people not including the bride and groom. This might influence any decisions if you're paying for family guests on the night. Also the church is only at the end of the road so you don't have to worry about transporting guests around. Good luck with the search!

  • Hi Lorna,

    Have a check through the Scottish Wedding Directory. If you buy the SWD Real Life Wedding magazine you'll see a wedding at Crieff Hydro that looks really good (and good value for money)

    There is Fingask Castle on the road between Perth and Dundee

    Balathie House Hotel near Blairgowrie

    I can recommend Murrayshall as that is my parent's golf club!

    Huntingtower is beautiful though I've never been to a wedding there

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

    Ali x
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