am i weird

hi all

i have got engaged to get married in jul 07 however i have decided that as i want to lose weight before the wedding i dont want an engagement ring until around easter as if i lose weight my ring will need altering and my ruin it if it is more than a couple of sizes. however what do i say when people say where is the ring. i can get away from it at work as not aloud rings. what do you think?



  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    I would get it now.

    Its so easy to resize a ring downwards as you are not adding any extra material.

    I think some people would think it was an excuse for something else.

    But if you are more comfortable with it this way you should do it!

  • I don't think you're weird, I think that's practical and will probably save you money. I, like you, need to lose weight but couldn't wait to get my ring, it seemed to make it more official in some way, and have decided that if it needs re-sizing I will get it done when I order my wedding ring, at H2b's expense!

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    I think i would wait too- it'll give him chance to save up a bit more money!

    I dont think the resizing is a problem but maybe he could buy you a necklace or another token of the engagement for now?

    also you could chance it and get a ring in just 1 smaller size and wear it on a chain. then, it could be a goal to lose weight? If you get a size thats in the middle of where you want to be then it wont be hard to go up or down.

    I have to admit tho- i love looking at the sparkle of my ring!
  • How much weight are you planning on losing from your fingers??! In terms of getting the ring, it's you that matters not everyone else. Who cares if they want to see a ring and you don't have it yet. Your ring, your life, your finger and you get the ring when you want (If you want it)!

    I got engaged in June, and didn't really mind either way if I got a ring. What with my fiance working normal hours and me working peculiar ones we barely saw each other let alone had time to go to any jewellers! Fiance wanted me to have a ring so we went a couple of weeks ago and now I have a rather gorgeous bit of bling. I didn't mind not having it so I didn't care what anyone else thought! I know a few people who didn't do engagement rings as they're not jewellery people, or they got other things instead.

    PS I was talking to someone a couple of years ago and he reckoned it was normal to spend about three months salary on an engagement ring! MUG! WHat PR person thought that one up? One month's salary is MORE than enough, what use is a bankrupt fiance?

    sorry, rant over!
  • Hello,

    I think that people will ask where the ring is as when you tell people that you've got engaged most of them automatically look at your left hand. However, if people do ask just explain about you losing weight and not wanting to have the ring re-sized.

    Re the resizing, I've had my engagement ring for about 5 years now and since first buying it I've lost about 3 stone. It's now too big for me and I'm going to get it re-sized but not until nearer the wedding (Sep next year) When we were looking at wedding rings we asked how much it would cost to resize and were told about £20. I thought this was pretty cheap and was expecting it to be more.

    I don't think that it will ruin the ring getting it resized, esp since I had to have it resized when we first bought it due to it being too small.

    What I would say though is if you do buy it now and lose a lot of weight then you have the danger of it falling off your finger (it has happened to me)

    To be fair this is only if you really waggle your hand about or when your fingers get cold.

    Go with what you feel you want to do though.
  • elm10elm10 Posts: 37
    well i have offically started my diet have joined slimming world as i feel it would stop me cheated due to the weekly weigh ins.

    the sooner i start the sooner i get my ring, which is also an added incentive.

    and i may not lose any weight of my fingers but dont want to risk losing it if i do (would probably lose it when out and not realise.

    will keep you posted

    em 258 days to go
  • That's how I lost 2 of my 3 stone, through slimming world. It's a really good eating plan (it's not a diet)

    Well I say 2 stone, but I'm actually 1 pound from losing 2 stone so only a little bit to go.

    Good luck with it all.
  • laura697laura697 Posts: 313
    I lost 4 stone and all the rings I used to have still pretty much fit. My ring finger only dropped one size even with 4 stone. It would depend on whether you have chubby hands or not - I never had particularly chubby hands even when I was 15 stone plus!

    But - if getting the ring is you incentive to lose weight then go for it - it's a great incentive isn't it.

    Don't be too tought on yourself though - set a date to get ring and anything you have lost by then it's a bonus! You have enough stress orgnaising a wedding!

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    Definitely wait if that's what you're comfortable doing.

    And when you do get one, make sure you're measured for it when your hands are cool! (Guess who made that mistake, and has a slippy slidy ring when fingers get cold :rollimage
  • fluffstafluffsta Posts: 194
    Another thing.... when i went to the jewellers they said if they take it down more than two sizes, it makes the diamond loose so bear that in mind too!image
  • zenladzenlad Posts: 124
    I think you should defo wait till you are at your target weight.

    As a suggestion why not buy a much cheaper diamante ring to wear at the moment???
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