Just got engaged!

Dear everyone here!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here been engaged a couple of weeks and yes were are already planning! I just cant believe how much there is to do ... is 2 years enough time!! I was wondering if any of you had any advice for the first things i should be doing or any great books, magazines and planners i could get hold of to help.

Thanks you so so much



  • lisa573lisa573 Posts: 63
    my advice would be book your venue, it's amazing how far in advance some places are booked up! Also your venue really helps to set the tone for the day so it makes it easier to chose things like the style of your dress -(if your getting married on a beach your not likely to go for a long sleeved dress with a huge skirt) and colour schemes. AAs soon as i got engaged i bought an accordian folder with loads of sections and divided it up. then you can rip out ideas from magasines etcetera and it helps to give you an idea of what you like and keeps everything together.

    Wedding fairs are great for idea's and for trying on accessories like tiara's as there's more choice than in a shop but they can be a bit of a nightmare for trying on dresses - to many other people. my favourite Wedding magasines are 'you and your wedding' and brides also 'wedding' and 'wedding idea's' are great for real life weddings where you can get lots of idea's hope that helps, this site is great for posting questions and reading other peoples idea's and suggestions.

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  • ceejaayukceejaayuk Posts: 4
    Thank you Lou for your help .... i have bought few magazines and just have ideas coming out of my ears!! Its such and exciting time and i cant wait to plan things.... the best bit is that my other half is so excited too....he loves planning things and is just so ecited about the BIG day!

    Thank you again

  • zfoster1892zfoster1892 Posts: 86
    congrats and welcome. i think you would benefit to read the past posts on this website, coz everyone shares their tips and bargins so youl find some good site to use and places to visit. i think 2 years is enough time, im getting married in 8 months so you have forever. im way too impatient to wait 2 years. dont be scared to ask lots of questions on this site or just talk about your excitement coz its all part of the fun.

    good luck

  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    I would recommend all of the above - especially the file idea. We have two big box files - one for the wedding and one for the honeymoon and everything to do with the wedding is in there. We have made sure we've kept all the receipts for deposits together as well. Also if you buy magazines particularly YYW you'll find a planning section in there - I cut out the checklist and stuck it in a ring-bound file and have ticked things off as I've done them. It's really useful to know when you should be doing what. Also from the mags I've bought I cut out pictures of things I liked and stuck them in my book - one page for flowers, one for bridesmaids dresses, one for hair, one for favours etc so that I had a clear idea of what I liked and could show it to suppliers too. When I took my other book with wedding dresses in to try on dresses I showed it to the lady in the shop and she returned minutes later with loads of dresses that matched what I liked and found my perfect dress in that batch. It makes things so much easier as you don't have to verbally ecplain what you like and don't like - images are so much clearer. My H2B has also had input into it.

    Definitely book a venue quickly they fill up so fast - you can search on the web for places near you. Sit down the you H2B and discuss what kind of venue you'd like and get clicking!

    Good luck and always ask on here if you need anything - these people have helped me so much!
  • Hello! Exactly the sanme situation, got engaged on 27.04.06 getting married on 31.05.08!! trying to get the first few bits sorted but keep getting a bitover excited and trying to finalise a guest list!!! (stupid girl that I am!) People may laugh about early organising but we'll be the ones with a smooth well planned day (hopefully!!!) xx
  • ceejaayukceejaayuk Posts: 4
    Hi Lizzie

    I got engaged on 24.04.06 and same as you are getting married 2008 although you are way ahead of me in putting a date in the diary! We are looking at venues and i just cant believe how many there are but also how many dont match what i actually want! I'm trying to sit my other half down to do a guest list but he's more excited about the venue! How did you get engaged?
  • CharlukCharluk Posts: 12
    Hi everyone!

    I got engaged a couple of weeks go too, at easter! Am really excited and amazed at how much there is to sort out. I too have loads of time tho, we're getting married in Italy in Sept 07... seems like ages! some fab advice on this site, I like the box file idea and taking pics to dress shops (can't wait to start doing that!) hope everyone's planning is going well!
  • dee177dee177 Posts: 143
    Congratulations ceejaay, Hope your enjoying being engaged so far. Two years sounds plenty of time to plan but it will fly so quickly, So my advice would be book the big thing as early as possible such as the venue, your church and minister, wedding planner if your having one, that way you can plan all your little things round those. As mentioned previously keeping a file is a great idea you will be suprised how fast it fills up with ideas and inspiration. Good luck with every thing
  • zacharyukzacharyuk Posts: 8

    I got engaged jan 05. Everybody laughed at me for being so organised i nearly had the whole thing organised by october 05 even though i am getting married july 06. I did something which has made things a bit more difficult. I went back to college full time this year, and so my exams are next week and june then my wedding in July. Though it is keeping me going. There is alot to be said for organisation. I also reckomend if you are not super rich to pay off bit by bit, which helped me as i wasn't working this year. When you think of the cost it is very daunting however i have nearly payed off 95 % of the wedding.

    Also do not be a fraid to tell people you would appreciate money if that is the case. You could call it a honeymoon fund.

    Have fun
  • alicecukalicecuk Posts: 21
    Ooh, me too image I'm glad I've found somewhere I can gush about it without my friends here accusing me of being a wedding bore already! He asked my Dad 3 weeks ago, me a fortnight ago, and we have chosen the ring but it's not finished being made yet, I think when I'm wearing it it'll feel even more real, and when we book a more definite date than vaguely "probably sometime next summer or september hopefully". I'd like 1st September 07 but nothing's booked yet so we may have to be flexible. I can't believe how much there is to think about already! thank you for the welcome here image
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