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im getting married in cyprus on August 9th and it will be my birthday. i will be forty so a double celebration. well they say life begins at forty!!! we will be staying at St Rapheals hotel in limmasol. anybody been there? just wondered if it is nice. we ave booked our wedding with libra and gone with the gold package. we are gong to get married at the yermasayia town hall. im not sure about a wedding reception as it will only be 4/6 of us altogther. any ideas? i would be grateful of any info or tips for my fufure wedding right down to how to pack my wedding dress (when i found 1) as im totally lost with all of the planning of a perfect marriage/birthday!!!! thankyou!!!!


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    hi dodgey!!!

    im getting married on the 15th june 07 in limassol at st barnabas church and staying in the fourseasons hotel...having the reception at terra e mare restaurant,any questions you may have get in touch i will help you as much as poss

    Jo x
  • hello jo..

    thanks for the reply. well i really dont want to bore u but im totally lost on the whole thing. being blonde just about sums me up. how did you know about booking your reception. was it idea from this site? also have you ideas on how to transport your dress etc. as you know us women just have to take too... many clothes etc. on our hols... r you using libra? expect to hear from me as ive lots to ask but cannot think at the moment been up since 5am. work... ah thankyou

    mandy (dodgey) x
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    Hi Mandy!

    Well,at first was going to hold rec at 4seasons but it was going to be expensive really for 16 of us,espec when 6 are kids and the menu was a `SET` one!

    So i had a look on tripadvisor for reviews on the hotel and came accross the restaurant....with excellent reviews!!

    I am also having help with the arrangements by a lady named Evelyn from cyprus4weddings,who has helped us enormously!!!

    Yes i`m using Libra Holidays,which i booked the wedding and hotel with,and any other arrangements im using eve....

    Anything else i can help you with then dont hesitate in asking as my chief bridesmaid lives in Limassol!!!

    Hope i helped you

    Jo x
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    hi mandy!

    let me know how you get on

    Jo x
  • hi jo.

    thankyou for your replys. sorry ive not replied sooner. you are so lucky to have someone who is living out there who you know and just happens to be your chief bridesmaid. I have to say i had a look at your hotel your staying at and it looks really really nice. wish i could have afforded that one, anyway back to me until i know for sure how many people i have coming, 2 for definate maybe 2 more fingers crossed, im going to book my reception when i get out there. your resturant does sound very nice and knowing me i will go there as its got good reviews. do you know if libra are flexible with flowers, cakes and transport. i would really like a limmo to take me to the town hall., also im hoping instead of a 2 tier cake i can have 1 tier ( hence only 4/6 of us ) but do some other deal with changing the video to a dvd. do your know if that could be possible? would you also know how long it is from our hotel to the town hall where we are getting maried? i would be very grateful if you could find out for me.


    mandy x

    is this your 1st marriage? this is my 2nd..;\)
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    hi mandy,

    this is my first marriage and will be my last lol!

    libra are flexible,or so i`ve heard!

    yeah you can change your video to dvd for an extra £70...not sure if this sterling or cypriot pounds????

    The town hall isnt that far,although does look it on the maps!

    i will forward the maps too you.....

    your hotel is rather posh aswell!

    i think im in the middle of yours....they are all BIG hotels in the Amathus area and are all very nice,so dont worry!

    my mum and partner are staying in the Old Bridge Hotel,which is only a 2* but alot of Cypriots go there for meals ect,so cant be `THAT BAD`!

    My friends has stayed at most of the hotels before moving out there,and they love us english and have plenty of time for us and children.

    The Terra E Mare does get booked up,but as they is only a select few of you i dont think it will be over booked..

    What time you getting married?

    I think the restaurant opens at 7pm,but not so sure so i would e-mail them and see....

    Are you going to the town hall together?

    If there is anything else i can help with,get back to me..

    Jo x

  • hi jo..

    im getting married at 1.30pm. as for me and my partner travelling together im really not sure. after reading other chat rooms ive heard so much about a woman called eve. do you think she will be my wedding co-ordinator? bearing in mind im using libra, if so how do i get in touch with her if im allowed that is.. u seem so organised etc., i bet you cannot wait for it to come round., im so glad ive found this web site as it nows feels not so daunting to fly out abroad and get married on our own without the usual support you would get if you got married in the uk., if you know what i mean.,

    have you got your dress sorted??

    thanks again mandy x
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    Hi Mandy

    We're getting married in Cyprus too, but in Paphos. We've booked through Libra, but are doing a lot of the booking ourself as it cuts the cost down. We were lucky enough to go out there this year, so we booked our reception then. I've also decided to take artifical flowers and Ive been told that Lidra are very flexable with this and will add on extra photos instead of the flowers.

    Its all very exciting

  • Hi I am getting married in Le Meridien hotel Limassol 5th july next year. Le Raphaael is a lovely hotel my mum and dad have stayed there a few times. I like Jo am having my reception in Terra Mare and am using Eve. Although I have booked wedding through Olympic Eve is helping me with reception, transport etc. Another lovely restaurant just opposite your hotel is Lisa's Bistro. It's a small restaurant run by mum and daughter we go there all the time when we go out there they are lovely very attentive and will make you feel special.
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    hi mandy of course eve will help you!

    she is really good and doesnt take reallly long to get back to you...unless she is busy with brides!

    Jo x
  • hello morgan. thanks for your reply. sorry ive not replied sooner but my laptop as been poorly and had to go to the docs to be repaired. its nice to know that the hotel we are staying in will be nice. hope all your wedding plans are going to plan...

    thankyou mandy x
  • hi jo. hope your well. you may have read my message to morgan that my laptop as been poorly so ive not been on line. anyway ive had problems with the wedding and i wonder if you or anybody else who is reading this may be able to asssist me. ive cancelled my wedding with libra due to them changing my fligths times twice within 5 weeks and then i was not happy with the room they was going to give us at the hotel. they was going to give us a inland view with no balcony. i wanted a balcony and we had to pay another 450pound for that. no way i said. anyway we are now going with cyplon holidays and we will be getting a better wedding package with a sea view room with balcony, plus decent flight times hence a different airport. cyplon have said they can take my wedding slot that libra was going to do so i will still be getting maried on my birthday. i was wondering do you or any one else know if cyplon are good wedding organisers and would you know who would be my wedding co-ordinator would be once out there. i guess it would not be eve as you stated before. i would be grateful of any info.

    hows it going for you??

    thankyou mandy x:\)
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    Hi mandy,

    sorry to hear Libra Messed you about like that....

    Cyplon seem to be really good,altho i havent had any experience with them myself....

    You will have a co-ordinator who work for your tour operater,but for any extra`s


    use an idependant wedding planner,as they dont charge as much as your tour operater...

    This lady is called Eve and she will do anything that you want her to do,

    Eve is arranging my reception,which is going to be at Terra E Mare Restaurant(opp your hotel!)

    Church Flowers

    Bridal make-up/Hair

    Extra Transport

    Bridesmaid flowers

    Extra photo location

    So far so good with Libra....cross my fingers!

    Keep me updated...

    oh! have you found cyplon to be more expensive?
  • hi jo. thanks for the reply. no ive had not found it anymore expensive in going with cyplon. in fact i do like the wedding deal that they have given us. each item is priced individual eg., flowers etc. it worked out no more than the gold package libra was giving us. i liked the fact we are gauranteed a hotel room upgrade with cyplon wheres with libra its subject to availabilty. also there were a few little extras with the wedding package through cyplon that made it feel more special. we have had to pay a extra £150 for the room but that is nothing compared to what libra wanted. all just for a balcony... well i just want it perfect without being ripped off. the travel agent i deal with just happen to be very good friends of mine and they are happy to contact eve for me and make any further arrangements i want for no extra charge. so hopefully it will turn out just perfect.,

    anyway i hope all your arrangements are going to plan. after xmas im going to start some serious shopping for my dress etc.. oh my god i carnt wait..

    bye for now mandy x
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    Hi Mandy!

    im so glad that everything is going to plan for you!

    Its nice of your friends to arrange things for you in the travel agents lol...

    wish i knew someone in the business!!!

    What kind of dress have you in mind?

    i have chosen~

    Olympia in Light Gold

    chief bridesmaid we are going for

    547 in Hazelnut,and for the younger ones we are going for ivory...(havent decided which ones yet!)

    Just looking for H2b,but dont think i need to rush just yet!

    This weekend going to pay some more money to the travel agents.....will this ever end lol!

    Keep in touch

    Jo x

  • hi jo.

    Just been and had a look at your dress. very nice indeed. the bridesmaid looks very nice aswell. you are well organised. as for me i shall be looking for a small fitting dress hence im only 5ft nothing and lucky to be a small build with it. so i will be looking for something that deos not drown me but make my bum look smaller. we are on a tight budget so i will have to shop around. any idea's??

    Anyway i will keep you posted of any further developments and hopefully you will keeo me up to date of your arrangements.

    Take care mandy x

    ps. ive only 300 days to go....
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    210 days for me mandy!!!!!

    have you looked on e-bay for a dress?

    i found a dress on there,the olympia but unfortuanatley it wasnt the colour i wanted...

    will def keep you updated and will keep popping in!

    take care

    good luck

    jo x
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