22nd August 2009


Just hoping to find some others getting married the same day/ very near to my date as it would be great to have some online friend who are at the same stage of planning etc.



  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    I'm getting married then.!! I'm Sarah, 39, marrying Mick next year at the Best Western Derwent Manor Hotel, nr Consett. Got my dress, tiara,shoes, etc from ebay.!! Haven't got a florist yet tho. What have you done so far, and where are you getting married?
  • emmaxyzemmaxyz Posts: 355
    Hi Sarah

    I am 28 and am marrying Damian in Cheshire. So far we have a church, reception venue, our accomodation and a DJ. We have also picked our BMS and ushers etc. I am just starting to look at Wedding insurance and photographers.

    I hope that we can keep in touch over the next 18 months!
  • Giles86Giles86 Posts: 191
    Hi Emma

    I'm getting married then too. Church wedding followed by the reception at the Newcastle Gateshead Hilton. Got quite a lot of the other things planned but need to finalise a photographer and our wedding insurance.

    Rilou81, your not behind don't worry. I've only done so much because h2b lives abroad so had to do things when he was over. You still have plenty of time to sort everything


  • emmascan101emmascan101 Posts: 1,495
    Hi Girls

    im another Emma getting married to partner Wayne on the 22nd in Windsor, we tying the knot at a hotel and having the reception there, got a few things sorted have decided on bm, ushers and page boys and are going to see our photographer today, still trying to work out colour schemes and dresses for bms ive seen my dress but want to lose some weight before going dress shopping, its all so exciting!!!

  • emmaxyzemmaxyz Posts: 355
    Hey Rilou and Giles86. Its great to meet you both.

  • emmaxyzemmaxyz Posts: 355
    Hi emmascan101

    I am hunting for a photographer too - they are so expensive!
  • emmascan101emmascan101 Posts: 1,495
    Yeah i know some i got quotes from were just way too much we found one we like for £695 for 100 colour pics and dvd so were thinking of going with him, were going to see his work today and to discuss what we want fingers crossed we go for him, you seen any dresses yet

  • emmaxyzemmaxyz Posts: 355
    We want a photographer that puts the pics on a high resolution cd with full copyright so we can do what we like with them! Have started looking at dresses online and in magazines. How bout u?
  • Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
    Hi Emma and everyone,

    I am also getting married 22nd Aug 09. We have most of the big things booked, churh, reception, photographer, cake, florist and mens suits. I have my dress picked but not ordered. Im in a flap about bridesmaid dresses at the min, I cant find a gold or champagne that either matches/ compliments my dress and the mens waistcoats. Not many pictures online of these colours either. Had my heart set on the Forever yours champagne but its a bit dull.

    Sorry to go on a bit! Nice to see there are a few of us getting married on the same date.
  • emmaxyzemmaxyz Posts: 355
    Hi Nickii - I cant believe how super organised you are!! How long have you been engaged?
  • Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
    Hi Emma, We got engaged end of November last year on holiday. Its all happened pretty quick to be honest I only went to the church to ask about availability and ended up booking it lol. Its suprising how far in advance you have to do it. Its all gone a bit quiet now nobody wants to see me until next year. Even the dress shop told me to come back Christmas when the new designs come out.

    We got our photographer for £500 You get a full album with 80 of your choice, all 150 of the proofs in a little album and 2 parent albums which I though was good considering some charge over a grand for the same thing.

    Have you been engaged long?
  • emmaxyzemmaxyz Posts: 355
    We got engaged on the 23rd December although we had already been out and picked the ring months before my fiance wanted to pick his moment!!
  • emmascan101emmascan101 Posts: 1,495
    We only got engaged recently the week after valentines he made me wait lol but wed spoken about having a summer 09 wedding previously, meeting went well with our photographer and we def going with him he seemed really nice and his work was really good, fiance ended up liking the more expensive package so we changed to that, trying to think of colour scheme now have you gals sorted yours yet?? i like red and white but fiance and my dad are spurs supporters and dont want red - hw lame
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    hiya me and h2b are getting married august 29th 2009 so pretty much close to yours!! im sooo lost with all the planning!! apart from the venue thats all i have done, and got invites bought and have tried on a few dresses but theres so much to do!!!

    i had done more and contacted caterers and florists and photographers and djs etc but my email got hacked into and ive lost all the contacts so its back to square one!! lol, suppose it gives me something to do!
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Hi all

    Emmaxyz, where abouts in Cheshire are you getting married if you don't mind me asking. I am looking to get married aug next year (although nothing planned for def yet, and after reading this I think I need to get a move on!)

    We are looking for somewhere cheshire or derbyshire, but have no idea where to start!

  • Hi I am getting married on the 22nd August 2009.. I am so excited..

    I have the venue, church, DJ, Photographer and catering booked having fish chips and a hog roast at night the theme is village fete any ideas on table decorations?? also I want a vintage wedding dress and finding it hard to find a shop that does this..?

    lyveden new bield -



  • evensandevensand Posts: 84
    hi i am new,i am getting married 08/22/09 also

    i found my dress,venue,flowers,bridesmaids,and groomsmen,flower girls and my two boys are walking with them,i cannot wait i am so excited.

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