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hi again

sorry about asking a lot of questions im getting married in a register offices in 2010 im wearing a bridesmaide dress as i dont want a white dress its in plu and it tea length but sum people are saying i should wear a suit or awedding ress wat do any of you think


  • lizletlizlet Posts: 416
    Hi netti,

    I think you should wear exactly what you want!! I have been to several registry office weddings and all the brides wore dresses, some big and white and others coloured. All of them looked fab, and so will you!

    It's your big day - have whatever makes you happy. You certainly won't look out of place, i think most people now have a dress of some sort,whether its a full on big meringue style, or something less traditional. So go for it, it sounds lovely!! :\) x x
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    I agree i am wearing a ivory and burgundy dress and all the men are having lovely suites with waist coats and cravats.

    You go for what you want hun and enjoy your day... i am getting married in a reg office and its a lovely old place and the grounds are great.
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