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Hi Im just getting started,I have been engaged for a couple of month now and beginging to look at venues we really would like to get married outside and have couple of places to view, anyone else planning on getting married ouside would love to share any plans. We are looking in the east anglia region


  • huntermukhuntermuk Posts: 29

    I was exactly the same as you a few months ago - engaged and wanting an outside ceremony!

    The first thing we learnt was that in England legally you are not allowed to get married outide - you have to get married under a permanent structure. We then thought 'oh we can do it in a marquee', but as a marquee is not there all the time - no good!

    We then looked around at venues that had an ordained structure outside. Have you looked at Arcacia Hall?

    It is in Kent but has a lovely Gazebo. My friend also got married in a treehouse in Canterbury!

    In the end myself and my fiance have decided to have a humanist wedding ceremony. We will legally do our vows a day or so before in a registary office with a witness, but our 'wedding day' will be in the garden of the reception venue we have chosen. We can then also have whatever vows we want. We thought this would be better as we can have the ceremony in whatever venue we chose, and my fiance was a bit nervious about fluffing his 'proper' vows infornt of everyone anyway! I also dont have to worry he wont turn up as legally the deed will have already have been done! image

    Good luck!
  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    I am getting married in a gazebo in a hotel in the lakes, I am so excited. Just hop we have the right weather for it. It's June 09 so fingers crossed. I love the venue and the idea of getting married outside. We are having a real english summer tea party theme with yellow and white gingham tabel cloths and yellow and white ribbons and scones and jam and cream and champagne and strawberries, ooooh I'm so excited. xx
  • chrislastchrislast Posts: 47
    That's what I wanted originally too, i'd love to get married on one of the beaches here in Cornwall, but instead we are going to get married underground, in a cornish tin mine!
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