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Me and the H2B were first looking to have the ceremony held at a local venue where we could also hold the party afterwards for convenience sakes.

We are now looking to only have a registry office wedding and then go to the original venue for the party. Only problem is we cannot find any details about registry office weddings online for us to research things like, where local registry offices are, prices, what we need to do to come and look at the registry office and eventually book?

Can anyone help? as we need to look at booking within the next few months really.


  • Go to your local county council website and look under "Births Marriages & Deaths". Most have listings for the registry offices in the area (well the two local ones to me do anyway) and usually other venues as well.
  • puntobabepuntobabe Posts: 446
    thanx danielle, I did find one website through Google, but it was only stating about births and deaths, which I thought was a bit strange, but I will have another ganders
  • Hi CBB

    I needed to get in contact with my registry office to get a certificate and like you I didnt have a clue how. All I did was ring the main number of my local council and explain the situation. The receptionist was really heplful and put me straight through. Good luck
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