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I got engaged in April and had started planning my wedding for Aug 2008. I was getting really stressed out about money etc and had a long chat with H2B this weekend and we are now thinking about bringing the wedding forward to Aug 2007 and cutting back on everything we don't feel is necessary ie. hot buffet at 7 instead of sit down meal in day etc. To me, the getting married is more important than the big wedding. I have made enquiries about if it possible to have same church and venue but next year instead and it seems possible but I'm undecided!

Am I mad to start planning again for a wedding in 9 months or should I just go for it???! x


  • kezuk1kezuk1 Posts: 48
    just go for it! im sure you will be able to get everything done in 9 months and it will be so exciting lol xxx
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    go for it! if you don`t want to wait and can make the savings then bring it forward.have you considered a weekday wedding as it saves a fortune

  • I think you should go for it. We pretty much did all the planning from September having booked the venue with 9 months to go for Easter Saturday this year and it was more than enough time, if your venue's there then you make everything else fit in. Our theory was that we may aswell be stressed for best part of one year rather than two and we we didn't want to wait having been together 6 years (I also wanted to get married while I was still 30 rather than 31!) It's important to remember that it is just one day, albeit an amazing one, but the rest of your lives are what really counts and there is no point in being so stressed and worried about money that you aren't able to enjoy it. Your family and friends will love whatever you do because they're there for you.

    A friend of mine is doing something similar, they've booked the church for 4pm and for the meal they're having a Hog Roast which I think is really cool. You could make it a bit of a talking point and do something different than the norm

    hope this helps

  • SiannyukSiannyuk Posts: 141
    Hi Jess,

    I only got engaged a couple of weeks ago and we've set a date for July/August 2007. I want a very relaxed atmosphere. My uncle is a chef so will be making the cake (he does them for a number of friends/clients), am currently searching for my dress on the internet (which seems endless) and soon will get H2B to get his suit!!

    For the reception, we are holding it in the local hall (easy access for everyone/no hire charges) which friends and family will help decorate and we'll be having a buffet for everyone to nibble at between drinking and dancing, which again will just be made by friends and family.

    I want everyone to reall enjoy themselves!!
  • Thanks everyone I think you're all right - I'm gonna go for it!!!!!

    My original wedding day was a Friday anyway so we will probably stick to friday again to keep costs down.

    I was thinking of getting married at about 4pm too and then having a hot buffet at about 7pm. The food the reception offered is Lancashire Hot Pot, a chicken curry with rice & naan bread, and sweet & sour veg with prawn crackers which i think is quite a novel idea so will be remembered!

    I keep thinking about my friends who have got married and the day goes so quickly and is then over! I know its going to be the best day of my life no matter what I do so might as well go for it!!!!!
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    We got engaged in Sept and are still in the early planning stages but we're going for June next year - so less than 9 months.

    We plumped for a Thursday to make sure there's availability and so far there have been no hitches.

    So, no, you're not mad, go for it image
  • I am getting married in feb and only started the planning a month ago! I have got most of it done and the best bit is there isnt a massive wait for my wedding!

    GO FOR IT!! xx
  • go for it! Hope 9 months is long enough to plan a wedding as i'm in August next year and still have lots to do!
  • Absolutely go for it girl! Mine's in Feb next year and I only started planning in Sept. Still not quite booked the venue yet either....but I won't bore you with those shenanigans! I figure if I had an extra 6 months, I'd just find more to do. A shorter time means you've got to be focussed.
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627

    I'd say go for it, it is manageable!! I got engaged at end of june this year, and was planning on a wedding for next sept/Oct. But started looking for venues, we found the perfect one. Went to see it & they were offering cheaper deals for feb 07, so we decided to go for it! It took me 2months to arrange the whole wedding, its just the finer details we have to sort e,g final numbers etc!

    So it can be done, but id start looking for my dress now as i was told it would take 6months to make my dress!! But i went to a smaller bridal shop they said 3months, but the dress was made within 2!!

    Good luck & happy planning! xx
  • SiannyukSiannyuk Posts: 141
    I couldn't wait any longer than I am. I've got nine months to plan my wedding, which should be enough as we are having ceremony/reception on FIL/MIL's farm so close family and friends will be helping with the all decorating etc.

    I am really looking forward to my wedding, especially as everyone is really excited about helping out etc, it will make it feel extra special that everyone has helped so much.

    I think if you are really focused, it can be done!!
  • Sounds great I got engaged a while ago and booked venue but have only started planning everything else over the last few months, its all to exciting to wait a long time!
  • Just have to say Jess where did you find rainbow bright? I loved her as a kid! My nan knitted me a jumper and everything with her on!
  • Jess,

    Im also thinkin of doin the same, bringing my wedding from June 08 froward to Oct 07, as sis in law has decided not to get married nxt yr as shes just had a baby.

    Still gotta work out the money to see if we can afford it and gotta check with the church and reception venue. Its certainly do-able just the only thing we'd have to worry about is the money as we have no savings for the wedding yet, waiting till xmas is out of the way.

    Lou xx
  • We brought ours forward by 12 months because H2B couldn't wait! Have got everything sorted now except the little things. Wanted to be able to relax over Xmas!! Go for it!
  • We are definately going for it!! Just spoke to the vicar and he's fine to bring it forward and have spent most of today making lists of everything I need to do!!!

    I'm going dress shopping this weekend and I know that when I have that sorted I will feel more relaxed! At the moment I'm like a mad woman thinking of everything that needs doing!

    We're going for 24th Aug 2007 now then....Yeh!!!! Just think, this time next year I'll be a married woman!!!


    I got Rainbow brite off Google images - I used to love her as a kid too and makes me feel all nostalgic (not like a soon to be married tho!)
  • Me too...I am also hoping to bring my date a bit forward too. I am getting so stressed about finding a nice venue, I just want to book somewhere. Keep having scary dreams that no-one will turn up to it.

    It's all quite stressy isn't it. However, that said, I am dead excited about everything.
  • Right I've booked the church and the reception and made an appointment to go and look at dresses so serious planning has started!!

    We went looking at wedding rings and have found the perfect pair in Ernest Jones so are going back on Thursday to order.

    I spent yesterday in tears though because I got really overwhelmed with everything but I'm OK now - just gonna go with it! My H2B nearly had a panic attack - he said if I'm like this now, what will I be like nearer the day??!! Haha!

    We have decided that instead of having favors on the tables we are going to have big bowls of maltesers & jelly beans everywhere so that will cut costs a little.

    Any other money saving tips will be greatly appreciated...! x x
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    phew, you have got cracking, well done!
  • Thanx but I feel a bit like a wedding whirlwind now!! x x
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